NSW Game Licence – So what does your hunting licence do for you?

Last week the NSW Game Licencing unit highlighted the extra benefits that the NSW Game Hunting Licence gives to hunters.

Your NSW Game Hunting Licence does more than get you ready to hunt game animals on private land or game and pest animals on public land… it’s a key to unlock hunting benefits and opportunities only available to licensed hunters. Are you ready to renew?

Public liability insurance

$20 million public liability Insurance is attached to every standard NSW Game Hunting Licence. Whenever, wherever you hunt, even on private land, you’re protected – what price can you place on peace of mind?

Access to NSW State forests

NSW Restricted Licence holders have access to hunt over 2-million hectares of State forest spread across the State. We’re working hard to open up access to even more forests and other public lands too.

Online self-service

In the digital age we all want control of our information. With our online licence holder services you can manage your own information: apply or renew online, book a hunt, update your contact details, visit the native game bird portal and download GPS mapping  files Рall in the comfort of your own home and at the time you choose!

Native game birds

The only way you can hunt native game birds in NSW is to be part of the NSW Native Game Bird Management Program. Endorsed hunters are eligible to harvest game birds and also get easy online access and contact information is passed between hunters and landholders through contact registers.

Access to training and education

Leap into better hunting with our Hunter Learning, Education & Accreditation Program (LEAP). With a network of Hunter LEAP Partners across the State, you get local opportunities for high quality hunter education. Some soon to be released courses are:

Bushcraft and survival

Butchering game animals

Caping, tanning and taxidermy

Game animal anatomy and shot placement.


 Your licence fees at work!

All money received for licence fees goes into a special fund that directly benefits NSW Game Hunting Licence Holders… In fact, all funds held in trust for hunters can only be used to benefit hunters.

The funds help support the activities of the Game and Pest Management Advisory Board, who represent the interests of licensed hunters to the NSW Government.

Licence fees also pay for research that demonstrates the positive impact of hunting on our native environment.

Importantly, your licence fees also fund game hunting compliance activities to detect and deter illegal hunting on both public and private land.

In addition to these great benefits, you also get access to the experienced staff at the DPI Game Licensing Unit who are always ready and willing to assist you.




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