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It had taken me some time to realise just what fine bullets Woodleigh produce and even longer tostart using them.

Geoff McDonald, Woodleigh’s CEO and “man on the tools” had given me some 215gn RN SN bullets to load up in my .303 sporter, but they had not intersected with any dinosaurs or other game yet, but not for want of trying, with a sambar I missed

Woodlweigh Weldcore 240gn .30-06
Woodlweigh’s revolutionary Hydro bullet.

due to shooter error, because of a rest, they brouped 0.4 inch at 50 metres for three shots. Well, it had taken me a few years and I had been slack and Geoff suggested I try 174gn PP SN bullets for my recent rusa forays. Now that paid off, because I had to thread one of those beautiful bullets through a 6-inch gap at 200 metres to absolutely wallop a half-grown rusa hind at a suitable instant in time. Faultless accuracy and more than enough momentum means I took the meat home that night.

I have also been playing with load development for the sleek 150gn Woodleigh PP SN for my .270 sporter with the new wunderpowder for 150s, Reloder 26, which delivers over 3000fps with a submaximal charge. It is a work in progress showing promise, once I get the seating depth right.

So why my affection for Woodleighs?

1. They are Australian born, bred and manufactured by knowledgeable enthusiasts.

2. They have been proven world wide on huge big game animals that really test penetration, expansion and pure knockdown effect.

Woodlweigh Weldcore 240gn .30-06
Woodlweigh Weldcore 240gn .30-06

3. They are beautifully finished, consistent and tailored to specific cartridges to deliver predictable results at realistic velocities for those cartridges.

4. Major American and European ammomakers use them in many of their premium factory loads due to their consistency and accuracy.

5. They are cheaper to buy across the counter than many premium, dare I say fancy, bullets but offer comparable killing power with less outlay.

Now Woodleigh started out producing big bullets in large calibres for traditional double rifles aimed at shooting the biggest

174gn .312 PP SN
174gn .312 PP SN

game in the world and at that they have excelled. More recently they have branched out downwards and offer bullets as small in diameter as .264/6.5mm.

In addition, Woodleigh has gone unconventional, with the advent of the World’s first Hydrostatically Stabilised Bullets, which perform superbly onthe toughest game, driving massive wound channels right through buffalo, hippo and the like. If you are a long range, big calibre fanatic, Woodleigh produce VLD Brass Solids in .338, .375, .408 Cheytac, .416 and 50BMG calibres.

For me though, just an infant on my Woodleigh journey, I have been mighty impressed by quietly spoken Geoff McDonald and his small crew, who have rewritten the world’s bullet landscape from a small Victorian worksop over the last few decades. Their bullets also are superb.

If you would like a Woodleigh catalogue, ask for one at your local gun shop or email Woodleigh at info@woodleighbullets.com.au and they will pop one in the mail. Alternatively, you can go to their website, www.woodleighbullets.com.au hunt down the bullet you need and ask for them at your local gun shop.

Woodleigh .50 Cal
Woodleigh .50 Cal VLD




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