Police NSW has shared pictures of 2800 firearms that are to be destroyed. The social media post copped quite a bit of criticism as many followers believed it was a publicity stunt due to most of the firearms would have been surrendered as part of ongoing amnesties.

It was also highlighted that historians should have access to these firearms for museum purposes as rare historical pieces may be getting destroyed.

NSW Police Facebook Posted more than three tonnes of firearms will be destroyed this month – melted down into steel and produced into other items – after being seized and gathered by police across the state.

The haul of 2809 firearms (totalling 3228kg) has come into police possession after being seized through criminal investigations, located as abandoned property, and surrendered.

NSW Police Facebook

Among the items to be destroyed are pistols, rifles, shotguns, military firearms, home-made firearms, airsoft, gel blasters, air pistols and air rifles.

Police Commissioner Karen Webb said every firearm destroyed is a win for police and the community.
“We’ve all seen the harm that is caused by the unlawful use of firearms and the fear it can cause within the broader community,” Commissioner Webb said.

“Some of these items are collected through long term, complex criminal investigations and others are located through isolated search warrants and police incidents.

“By destroying these weapons, we prevent any that are kept for legitimate purposes falling into the wrong hands and used in other crimes.”

Each week, hundreds of firearms are collected by police in Police Area Commands, Police Districts and specialist Commands and sent to the NSW Police Weapons and Ordnance Disposal Unit. Each item is then audited and processed for destruction.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Police Paul Toole said police continued to crack down on illegal criminal activity which regularly involved the seizures of firearms, ammunition and other weapons.

“We know the vast majority of those in our community possess firearms for a valid reason – and then there are those who use these weapons to inflict fear and cause serious harm to others,” Mr Toole said.
“Police across the state are committed to getting those weapons off our street to keep our community safe.”




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  1. Amazing. 1) Hope that dude cutting Crap up has hearing protection. 2) Do people really think, that ‘Someone’ hasn’t ‘Vetted’ the Surrendered weapons ‘Values’, BEFORE, the ‘Chop’? Mind you, going by Govt Agencies ‘Ops’ – Maybe not! 3) Noticed in Main picture of Gun ‘Cache’, there appears to be a set of Hand cuffs? With ‘Modern Policing’, & with StatePol ‘Operations’ during ‘Theoretical Virus’ SARS -CoV-2 Democratic protests, perhaps these have been ‘Handed in’, in favour of Zip Ties, LRADs & Mace! Hope ‘They’ signed these back in! LOL

  2. In this lot alone I see nice old damascus double guns, break-action air rifles, rimfire rifles, pest control rifles, sport hunting guns, fine training weapons for your military and police, rifles that were once used in defense of homelands and could possibly be used so again if need arose. But of course, you can find or create a rationale to fit your irrational hatreds and fears of weaponry lying dormant in your neighbors’ hands. Should any need arise, you can run screaming to Government, which holds your own life securely in its hands.Ah, Australia! What a sorry bunch of people, you have so soon become!