ACT Greens call for gun restrictions – Madeline foundation join the bandwagon

Pretty coloured maps outlining firearm numbers in suburbs is the latest tool of the anti-firearm brigade. They use these maps to scaremonger the uninformed public. They call these legally owned rifles arsenals and never support their own maps with crime statistics relevant to the maps.

ACT Greens agitating for a crackdown on “unnecessary arsenals” in the territory are looking to introduce rules that see localswho want to own more than one gun be forced to fill out even more paperwork.

Greens leader Shane Rattenbury said as it stands, people “simply have to state a reason” why they want an extra firearm and can have the same reason on every permit.

He said he would be sitting down with his cabinet colleague and Labor police minister Mick Gentleman to discuss how the procedure could b tightened up.

“We need to have a close look at whether our protections are adequate here,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“The ACT Greens are concerned about the figures we’ve seen on the number of guns we see in ACT suburbs. We see quite a few households across the territory with a number of guns, the question needs to be asked why does someone need an arsenal like that?

“The Greens believe there are legitimate reasons for households to have guns particularly in a rural environment and the sporting shooters but we need to make sure we’re being rigorous about making sure people don’t have unnecessary arsenals in our suburbs.”

Data released to the NSW Greens under freedom of information revealed the southside suburbs of Bonython, Calwell, Chisholm, Gilmore, Isabella Plains, Richardson and Theodore had 2199 registered firearms.

The postcode with the next highest concentration was that of Belconnen, Bruce, Evatt, Giralang, Kaleen, Lawson and Mckellar, with 1565 registered guns.

Lesley Podesta, chief executive of anti-gun violence group the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, expressed alarm over the legal stockpiles.

Firearm Owners United’s latest blog posts calls outLesley Podesta who is stilll trying to push the “muh stockpiles” narrative on Day 27 of the “Exploit Las Vegas” agenda, professional activist and CEO of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation Lesley Podesta took to the Daily Telegraph:

“Yet there is no statutory limitation on how many guns an individual can have — meaning 15 people across the metropolitan region have a cache of more than 100 guns to their name, acquired with a permit costing just $30.

Lesley Podesta, chief executive of anti-gun violence group the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, expressed alarm over the legal stockpiles.

“It defies credibility — it’s really hard to understand,” Ms Podesta said. “Why should anyone be able to acquire 200 guns? It seems out of proportion to people’s ability to be able to use them legitimately for a hobby or on the land.”

Ms Podesta said the concentration of firearms at one location significantly increased the risk of criminal activity. “We know that criminals like access to guns, and that number of guns in suburban homes is a good thing for community safety,” she said.

Opposition police spokesman Guy Zangari said the stockpiling of weapons posed a risk.

“These people have them registered — they aren’t breaking the law. But it does raise a concern and we must make sure that all steps are taken that these particular guns are locked away safely so they aren’t in the wrong hands,” he said. “What price do you put on the safety of the community?

A report by Gun Control Australia released earlier this month showed that NSW and every other state in Australia has failed to properly implement the National Firearms Agreement.

Contrary to the NRA’s agreements, NSW legislation permits use of silencers, allows shooters to use semiautomatic weapons and provides no limitation on the amount of ammunition which can be purchased.”

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation have exposed their underbelly in these paid advertisements. They are primarily a gun control organisation and not a children’s charity.




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