The RSPCA has been called into question over why it accepts money to promote free range farming but continues to oppose game hunting.

ADA Highlights RSPCA Hypocrisy On Free Range

The leader of Australia’s largest deer hunting organisation has taken a well-aimed and long-overdue swipe at the RSPCA, labelling them “inconsistent and hypocritical” over their conflicting stances on hunting and free range foods.  

In a press release from the Australian Deer Association (ADA), their National President David Voss has presented some eminently logical reasons why the animal rights organisation should reconcile their highly profitable promotion of free range foods with their irrational condemnation of ethical and responsible game hunting.  

“On one hand we have a policy which generates significant income for the RSPCA by virtue of selling their approval for certain forms of large scale industrial farming on the basis that they are less cruel than alternatives  – but on the other hand we see the same organisation condemning responsible game hunting, which provides tens of thousands of Australian families with free range food without any of the compromised animal welfare outcomes which are inherit in the type of farming which the RSPCA is profiting from,” Mr Voss said.

“One would have thought that if they liked free range farming enough to lend their name to it they would absolutely love game hunting, where people are eating animals which live their lives in total freedom”.

In recent years the RSPCA has consistently opposed game hunting on ideological grounds, including vocally opposing hunting in NSW National Parks and the new Victorian Game Regulations. Over the same period the animal rights organisation has significantly accelerated the rollout of their so called “Approved Farming Scheme”, including securing a lucrative agreement with supermarket giant Coles.

Mr Voss issued a challenge to the RSPCA leadership to re-assess their attitude to hunting. “The ADA calls on the RSPCA to recognise that game hunters are heavily regulated, highly skilled and responsible members of society and to work with hunters to raise standards even higher. The RSPCA doesn’t stand to make any money by being sensible about hunting, but despite that they should acknowledge that we are a growing section of the community who care about the welfare of the animals we hunt and enjoy providing true free range food for our families” .




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