The first Adler shotguns have been delivered to Australian shooters

Adler shotguns delivered to Aussie shooters

The Adler A-110 lever-action shotgun has finally arrived in Australia, albeit in a modified version of the original 7-shot gun. As reported in The Weekly Times, the Turkish-made Adler has been modified so that its tubular magazine instead takes 5 cartridges. Gun dealers have taken deliveries of the modified firearm and this week began distributing them to customers.

As stated in the article, the 7-shot was temporarily banned after Prime Minister Tony Abbott intervened in July to stop imports of the original Alder, after state police chiefs expressed fears the “technologically advanced” shotgun replicated the now banned semiautomatic firearms.

The Queensland importer, NIOA, produced a marketing video for the Adler earlier in the year that ignited public debate over its suitability for Category A firearms licence holders.

More than 7000 Australian shooters pre-ordered the Adler, such was its popularity. Many of those same shooters have kept their orders even though the capacity of the Adler has been reduced to meet new import standards.

The original Adler allowed seven shots, plus a cartridge that could be loaded into the breech, to give the shooter access to eight shots. The new Adler has five shots, plus one on the breech, for six possible shots.

It was selling today for $750 and gun dealers said the new Adler version was still very popular and several shipments had already been pre-sold.

The Federal Government has ordered a review into the National Firearms Agreement. It is expected to be completed within six months and may also affect the reduced capacity firearms.

Shooters hope the review will allow them to remodify the Adlers back to their original seven shots.

NSW Senator David Leyonhjelm today welcomed the arrival of the Adlers, suggesting shooters make the most of it “because the Government could be looking to ban all lever and pump action shotguns”.




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