Robert Borsak has hit back at Gun Control Australia's' cynical attempts to exploit the anniversary of the tragic events at Port Arthur (image: Daily Telegraph).

Borsak Bites Back

New South Wales parliamentarian and Shooters and Fishers Party representative, Robert Borsak, has hit back at cynical attempts by anti-gun groups to exploit the anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre for their own political gain. According to Borsak, law abiding firearm owners will not be defined by the actions of a mad man.

In a statement from the Shooters and Fishers Party, Borsak acknowledges that, eighteen years ago, Australia witnessed one of the most senseless acts of violence in our history. A criminal, described by the sentencing Judge as a “pathetic social misfit” took the lives of 35 people using illegally acquired firearms. Every Australian mourned the loss of those lives at the hands of a deranged individual.

“But the Shooters and Fishers Party find it despicable that groups like Gun Control Australia (GCA) use this national tragedy to further their own agenda, and we will not accept it,” says Borsak.

Presumably Borsak is referring to several reports, such as that published by the Sydney Morning Herald, in which GCA have called for further tightening of gun ownership laws.  Reports have cited support for GCA from Michelle Fernando, whose mentally-ill sister shot her father after walking out of a gun club with an automatic handgun and live ammunition. It is widely reported that her family knew of her attendance at gun clubs.  As tragic as that event was, I’m uncertain what it has to do with law abiding firearms owners?

According to the Shooters and Fishers Party press release, there are more than 220,000 licensed, law abiding firearm owners in New South Wales who use firearms safely and responsibly every day. Whether for target shooting, hunting or collecting, these people who come from all walks of life have nothing in common with a mad man who continues to rot in a jail cell.

“I do not, and will not, allow the actions of a criminal to define me,” says Borsak.

“The past eighteen years have seen Governments at all levels, ably assisted by groups like the Greens and Gun Control Australia, continue to use atrocities like this to further restrict the rights of every day Australians rather than tackle the more difficult problems around illegal firearms and mental health.

“Until we see a Government with the courage to tackle these issues,  extremist groups will continue to use tragedies like Port Arthur to advance their own agenda.

“And it’s a disgrace.”




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