Controversial Indoor Gun Range Debate Continues

The debate continues in the media over the recently opened Gunnery shooting range in Christies Beach south of Adelaide.

The range features state of the art virtual moving targets along with traditional stationary ones. The range is one of the first of its kind in Australia and looks to be a hit amongst the locals.

The debate has been focused around the fact that children aged 12 and above can use the range when under the supervision of an appropriately licenced shooter.

This has been and remains to be a standard practice at any range across Australia. Gun control Australia and other media outlets have used the children this time to try and slam the ranges approval.

Sunrise recently run a piece on the indoor gun range in Adelaide after several other media outlets had already ran the story.

Graham Park from the Shooters Union and Samantha Lee from Gun Control Australia were invited to the interview to provide their views.

Samantha Lee from Gun Control Australia opens the interview looking a lot like she had just finished a sour lemon. Her first argument was that the range is straight out of the American gun culture handbook.

This barrow has been pushed from the start. It seems to be the latest buzz word amongst the anti -shooting/hunting brigade.

Samantha believes that this is an attempt to indoctrinate children into a gun culture with the use of computer style target shooting.

Graham Park rebutted the points with more common sense that Kochie could handle. For the first time he was relatively quiet on the subject (maybe he has been reading his online feedback from the shooting community).

One thing that is obvious, clear honest facts have been coming across far more professionally than weak and emotionally driven arguments. I am thankful we have these people representing us.

Kochie went on to feed Samantha some text book questions for the anti-gun crowd. To receive what you would expect from Gun Control Australia. “Guns are designed to kill people”.

Samantha Armytage showed her cards when she linked her last question to the recent tragedy of Nice which involved an extremist using a truck to kill innocent people.

“With the recent tragedy of Nice….. Are you facing an uphill battle to convince people there is a place for shooting in Australia.

Graham Park responded with a simple

“Not at all it’s a vibrant and growing sport”.

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