Duck Hunters Continue to be Harassed on All Fronts

Duck hunters have finally been allowed to start their heavily restricted season however they continue to be harassed by lawless duck activists.

The news has been filled with unsubstantiated stories of rule-breaking whilst the Game Management Authority, which patrols the wetlands during duck seasons, said it did not detect any breaches of regulations, despite having 12 officers on duty.

The activists have been flying drones and disrupting law-abiding hunters the entire time with no arrests. If the shoe was on the other foot, you have to question what the repercussions would be.

Geelong Field and Game shared footage of hunters being disturbed in GMA presence.

“This is what hunters have to put up with while trying to hunt on a state game reserve at 7.45 am last Saturday I am told that Members of the Game Management Authority Victoria were present and watched the animal activists enter the water prior to 10am and continually hinder and obstruct these hunters. All while Paul Stevens Director,Compliance and Intelligence from GMA was on the same wetland. We don’t want any special treatment GMA we just want you to apply the laws equally!!!”.

More illegal activist activity was discovered this week which could have resulted in someone being killed. Tasmania’s timber industry is accusing its opponents of threatening lives, after metal spikes or bolts were found embedded in logs from controversial harvesting operations that saw industrial saws explode.

More Duck Pressure From Labor.

The ABC reported “Last year, former NSW premier Bob Carr wrote to Premier Daniel Andrews urging him to follow his lead and ban duck shooting — as Queensland and Western Australia have already done”.

When the State Government announced in February that a shortened season would go ahead in 2020, many were surprised

and disappointed, including some of its own backbenchers.

Labor MP Lizzie Blandthorn, who co-sponsored a successful motion to overturn Labor’s policy at the state conference in November, responded to the announcement on social media, saying:

“I was very disappointed in today’s announcement of a duck hunting season. I will continue to advocate for our feathered friends — indeed for all creatures great and small.”

If only the illegal activist activities that are carried out on a daily basis would receive the same media attention and penalties.




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