Duck Hunters Using Lead Shot To Have Their Licence Cancelled

Image Source: GMA Victoria

non-toxic shot types permitted for use in Victoria includes:

The Game Management Authority has released next to no positive hunting posts over the past six months, and hunters following their socials are sharing their feelings on every post.

There have been very few compliance problems; however, it is all doom and gloom looking at the Facebook page. Hopefully, they will share some positive stories for the hunters they represent shortly.

The latest post reports that three hunters have recently received significant penalties for possession of toxic shot on a Victorian wetland during the 2022 duck season.
The hunters received fines and had their Game Licences suspended with the intent they will be cancelled for 12 months.
Lead is a toxic substance that can harm humans, wildlife and the environment. The use of toxic shot has been illegal for 20 years.
There is no reasonable excuse to not be aware that it is prohibited.
Deliberate non-compliance can result in penalties such as fines, seized equipment, prosecution and Game Licence cancellation of up to five years.

Non-Toxic Shot Information

Lead is a toxic substance that can harm humans, wildlife and the environment. The most common lead poisoning in birds is considered to be the result of ingestion of spent lead shot used for waterfowl hunting. Therefore, the use of lead shot for duck hunting is prohibited throughout Victoria. This includes duck hunting on all wetlands, waterways and dry lands on public and private land.

The non-toxic shot types permitted for use in Victoria includes:

  • iron (steel)
  • bismuth-tin
  • iron-tungsten
  • iron-tungsten-nickel
  • tungsten-bronze
  • tungsten-iron-copper-nickel
  • tungsten-matrix
  • tungsten-polymer
  • tungsten-tin-iron
  • tungsten-tin-bismuth
  • tungsten-tin-iron-nickel
  • tungsten-iron-polymer

These shot types have been extensively tested and found to be non-toxic to waterfowl and other wildlife.

No other shot types (eg. zinc) can be used to hunt duck in Victoria. Hunters should check with their ammunition supplier to see which alternatives best suit their needs. Hunters should also check with their firearm’s manufacturer or gunsmith to ensure that it is safe to use certain shot alternatives in their firearm.

Duck hunters may have toxic shot (eg. lead shot) on a State Game Reserve or any other area where they intend to hunt duck, provided it is secured in a vehicle. Hunters should also note that lead shot may be used for quail hunting on the 16 State Game Reserves where quail hunting is permitted. Source GMA Victoria




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