Duck Season Announced with a Total Ban on the Blue Winged Shoveler

Duck hunters have welcomed the return of the standard 10-bird bag, following the Victorian Government’s announcement of the 2017 duck hunting season.Minister for Agriculture, Jaala Pulford confirmed that the season will commence on Saturday 18 March, and will last 12 weeks, closing on Monday 12 June.

Duck numbers have blown outby significant rainfall last winter, resulting in increased numbers.

Yet the hunting of the blue-winged shoveler will be banned due to low numbers of the species.

Field and Game Australia chairman Rob Treble said he welcomed the announcement of the season but was ‘‘disappointed’’ about the decision to not allow the hunting of the blue-winged shoveler.

‘‘In the past, modified seasons have been shown to have little impact on the population numbers … on average, hunters only bag four ducks a day on about four days of the year,’’ Mr Treble said.

Hunter Steve Threlfall said he was expecting a ‘‘really good’’ hunting season due to great rainfall and high water levels in hunting areas, but did call for the announcement to come earlier.

‘‘As a duck hunter it would be ideal to have the announcement earlier, closer to November to allow time to prepare,’’ Mr Threlfall said.

Mr Treble also called for greater consistency surrounding the duck hunting season, following the closure of five wetlands for the 2016 season.

With the ban on blue-winged shoveler and dispersed populations, Mr Treble said he encouraged hunters to come prepared and to brush up on their identification skills.

‘‘We’d like to see hunters get out and enjoy the season, in accordance with the RESPECT program (to respect animals, the hunt, the environment, non-hunters, other hunters and the laws), a joint initiative with the government, hunting industry, FGA and other hunting organisations,’’ he said.

While hunters are gearing up for the season, Animals Australia said the duck hunting season would result in declining duck populations in the future.

‘‘A recreational season will in all likelihood kill a huge portion of the young birds bred last year and seriously impede what should have been some respite for these depleted populations,’’ Animal Australia executive director Glenys Oogjes said.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford

“Duck season is a customary trip away for many families and is an important economic contributor to the rural economy, bringing 26,000 licensed duck hunters to small towns and regional centres across the state.”

“Environmental conditions, waterfowl habitat availability, duck population distribution and abundance are reviewed each year to ensure hunting continues to be a sustainable recreation for future generations.”

“Hunters are reminded to act safely and responsibly at all times while hunting this year.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Environment Lily D’Ambrosio

“The Government has made this decision because we take seriously the long term environmental impacts of hunting on bird populations and other native wildlife, as well as the future sustainability of the industry.”




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