An anonymous group of HuntFest antis have dropped professionally printed leaflets in Narooma's letterboxes in a fear campaign against the hunting culture celebration.

“Faceless cowards” say HuntFest will lead to Sandy Hook-style massacre

An anonymous group of anti-gun activists called Safe Narooma has warned of a SandyHook style massacre if HuntFest goes ahead in Naroomaon the June long weekend.

The group made the claims in its website with a picture of the young perpetrator of the massacre and inferring that the proposed hunting simulator that will appear at HuntFest will encourage a similar massacre.

The group also launched a letterbox and website scare campaign against HuntFest in Narooma to coerce residents into opposing the hunting culture festival. 

The leaflet wants its readers to believe that HuntFest will create a US-style gun culture in Narooma that will turn people away from the town and is calling for a concerted letter and email campaign against it.

HuntFest organiser Dan Field described the group as “cowards” for its failure to identify its membership and the author of its newsletter.

“They’re a small group with a large mouth and plenty of money. It’s an anonymous group – only cowards don’t put their name to anything,” he said, adding that the professionally printed leaflet has prompted many Narooma residents to come out in support of HuntFest with numerous phone calls from people appalled by the campaign.

“We’ve had a lot of community support from people who say if you can’t put your name to it then there’s no point reading it. Most of them have said it’s a waste of time and money.

“No-one’s been able to get a response from the email address and no-one can find out who’s put up the website, which is all propaganda, so they’re an anonymous group.

“It just seems to be a time waster for the council and there have been other accusations about insurance and club registration. As far as we can see, this group doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

“I had one gentleman ring me who said they were just like the communists who never put their names to anything when they tried to disarm the populace. So we call them the faceless people.

“There has also been derogatory posters put up around town as well, but again nobody knows who the author is so they’re not doing themselves any favours.”

The campaign is having little effect on HuntFest, which is going ahead and will be two to three times bigger than last year. About 90 per cent of the inside stalls have been booked and outside we’ve got twice the area we had last year with a live archery display.

Mr Field said that many hunting clubs including the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Australian Deer Association, Australian Hunters International and Nepean Hunters.

The Eurobodalla Shire Council decision to allow firearms displays is also expected to attract more industry organisations in what is hoped to see the continued growth of the festival.




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