Mismanagement of the Firearms Registry by the NSW Police Force has been blamed for the recent spike in gun thefts.

Firearms Registry mismanagement documents released

NSW Police sergeant David Good has released the documents that detail the complaints he has made in regard to the mismanagement of gun owner details in the NSW Firearms Registry by his own department.

After going public with his concerns that firearm owner details were now in the hands of criminals thanks to police mismanagement of the database in which they were contained, Sgt Good has gone a step further to try to provoke an admission by the NSW Police Force.

“In light of the continuing denials, mistruths, minimisation and blatant blame shifting offered by senior management of the NSW Police Force in regard to probable consequences of the insecure way that organisation uses and stores firearms data, being the issues that I have complained about, I feel compelled, in the public interest, to make publicly available, copies of my complaint and related correspondence,” he said in an email to Sporting Shooter.

“The corporate mistruths offered by NSW Police Force, where a senior officer sought to shift the blame onto firearms owners, was the catalyst in my decision to make this material publicly available.”

Sgt Good is referring to the news that General Manager of the NSW Firearms Registry, Bruce Lyons, blamed a recent spike in firearms theft around Broken Hill on the owners, claiming the guns weren’t kept securely and could face charges.

“The first thing we’ve got to do is make sure that everyone who has a firearm is responsible with regard to how they look after it and how they store it,” he said in an ABC report. “So many times firearms are stolen when individuals fail to lock their firearms up – we come across that time and time again. It’s just through poor procedure that firearms are stolen.”

However, Sgt Good said there were anomalies between his comments and those made by police looking into the Broken Hill thefts.

 “In regard to the incidents detailed in that article, the NSW Police Force corporate response was even at odds with the views of investigating police at Broken Hill,” he said.

Shooters and Fishers Party NSW MLC Robert Borsak also refuted Lyons’ claim as “a furphy”.

“That’s not possible for them to say that with any authority,” he said. “The very fact there was no tracking of who logged on, who downloaded what or where it went means they cannot say with any authority that information wasn’t stolen or wasn’t misappropriated from the intranet.

“So for them to say that it’s just a furphy. They simply do not know.”

Click on these four links to download the documents in question. NSW Police Complaint outcome 27/6/13 Original complaint to PIC, PIC Response Sep 2012  Reply email to ROLPH  Among them is the original complaint made in 2011, the Police Integrity Commission response, the response from the NSW Police Force and Sgt Good’s response to that.




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