Four Corners Anti Gun Program – Big Guns Fake News

The ABC’s Four Corners program is well known for pushing agendas and one-eyed reporting. The episode Big Guns was no exception.

The firearm community saw red after viewing it and set the internet on fire.

The story opens with military grade firearms that no law-abiding firearms owner will ever lay a hand on; an opening blatant attempt to link the military firearms and weapons industry to Australian firearm users.

Robert Nioa shuts down an attempted interview from Sean Nichols picking the journalists agenda instantly. Robert quickly sets the journalist straight and goes on with business “everything we are doing is on our website and public forum, and I suspect that you have a different agenda.”

The program attempts to portray SIFA as a gun lobby association that is backed by all the major Australian firearm importers. Academics interviewed appeared threatened by SIFA as it supports the interests of Australian firearm businesses which have been the whipping boy of anti-gunners for years.

Bob Katter was interviewed and made no apologies for his support of firearm owners and the industry. Bob made mention that Australia has the strictest firearm laws in the world.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party were next in line. Thin on relevant material the show used two cases of mental illness statistical abberations as a reason to further tighten gun laws.

True anti-gun “journalism” could never exist without a mention of the Port Arthur tragedy. This Instance was no different.

One fact it highlighted is that the anti-LAFO media and major political parties are scared. Firearm owners’ voices are starting to be heard as they band together with their votes. Our movement is beginning to gain serious momentum, and this has them clutching at straws.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Set the record straight as most of their interview material was not shared. Their “Fake News” highlights the overarching need for balanced reporting.

The full show can be viewed here.




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