Buckingham nearly shoots his brother

Green Politician Pointed Loaded Gun At Family Member

Readers will recall that the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party were to debate the proposed Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 in the NSW Parliament yesterday. As the debate progressed the Greens predictably pulled all sorts of nonsense out of the air to attempt to counter the cogent arguments to amend 50 pieces of firearms law that impose unnecessary burdens on LAFOs, yet do nothing to make the community safer – situation normal really.
But then this absolute clanger came out of the wodwork from Greens member Jeremy Buckingham (whom we believe has a current firearms licence).

Jeremy Buckingham
NSW Parliament 31 May 2017.

Buckingham nearly shoots his brother
Buckingham nearly shoots his brother

As a 15 year old my Father had a friend come and stay with us. He and his wife were estranged. He was a shooter, and they had particular laws in Tasmania that allowed him to carry a number of firearms including a 22 calibre handgun.
He left that handgun in our house next to the toilet. He was reloading. I… he left it there. He was meeting his estranged wife, she was in a per… particular situation. She was going to give him… he was going to give her that handgun, but he forgot it.
I came home. I went to the toilet. I looked across. There was a small rusty handgun. I picked it up. I walked out of the toilet and I was bouncing it in my hand – I’d never seen a handgun in my life.
I bounced it in my hand. I walked out of the toilet and into the kitchen and I put it underneath my brother’s chin and I pulled the trigger.
And it clicked. I looked around. I pulled it again and I blew a hole in the wall. Gunpowder everywhere. The only reason I did not kill my brother was because he was… he had left first chamber empty. It was a revolver.

Ask yourself, “Does this guy deserve to even have a firearms licence?” having made this staggering admission.

See the Hansard video to verify that he actually said this below.




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