Hunt for Killer Tigress

A story has come out of India similar to the script Ghost and the Darkness. A rogue tigress has been on a 2 year killing spree taking 13 lives from the one village. The tiger that has a taste for humans is now on Indias most renound hunters hitlist.

Unlike Australian politics common sense prevailed over the Greenies attemts to stop the hunt through the Indian court system.

Global News reported the following: A top Indian hunter had been called in to shoot a man-eating tigress blamed for killing 13 people aroundMaharashtra, India.

Nawab Shafath Ali Khan began the hunt to capture the four-year-old cat and her two cubs after India’s highest court dismissed objections fromgreen groups.

Hehas started combing the jungles of Maharashtra after the tigress, known as T1, terrorised villages over the last two years, with the spree accelerating to claim three lives in August alone.

Victims have been found part-eaten, with limbs torn off and teeth marks left on what remained.

Wildlife activists had attempted to block any court order allowing the killing of the cat by arguing that there was no proof the tigress was responsible for the deaths.

They alsotried to block Mr Khan from being involved as he is the go-to marksman for Indian officials troubled by man-eating

tigers, rogue elephants or destructive wild boar.

Mr Khan is currently stalking the tigerwith elephants because vehicles are too loud andhopesto only use a tranquiliser gun on the animal with only shooting to kill as a last resort.

The hunt authorisation calls for Mr Khan to attempt to capture the tigress alive, but to kill it if necessary.

But activists fear Mr Khan, who is renowned for killing hundreds of animals, will only make a token effort to take the cat alive.

He has said he is convinced the tigress is guilty and is killing for survival because of a lack of other prey.

‘The killing of humans is easy prey, as there is no natural prey such as spotted deer and sambar and wild boar here. So the tigress is killing humans for survival.’

Indian officials say DNA tests, camera traps and footprints all point to the killings having been carried out by a single tigress.

Their tigersare strictly protected by conservation laws, but India’s growing population and the loss of habitat means the cats are increasingly in competition with people.

The success of protection laws has also seen the number of cats begin to grow again in recent years after plummeting for decades. India is home to around 70 per cent of the world’s 4,000 tigers.

Mr Khan is the private hunter usually called on when people and India’s large wildlife clash.

He first held a gun when he was four and soon became an able tracker and accomplished shot.

At the age of only19he was recommended by a family friend when officials needed someone to shoot a rogue elephant who had trampled 12 to death.

Afterthathis fame quickly grew and officials from around India began calling for his help.




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