Hunter Vs Anti-Hunter – The Impossible Conversion

Renowned animal lover, devout vegetarian and PETA activist Jodie Marsh goes head to head with English huntress and competitive shooter Rachel Carrie.

In her latest documentary, model Jodie Marsh accepts an invitation to spend a weekend hunting deer and small game in the English country side with the petite Rachel Carrie.

The blonde bombshell had in it for Rachel from the get go. “I was gunning for her, I wasn’t nervous at all. My opinion at the beginning was she’s a murderer, I’m going to hate her, she’s scum, what is wrong with her? I literally hated her, so I couldn’t wait to meet her because I was gunning for her.”

The documentary follows a recent hunt where Rachel harvests a muntjac deer, with Jodie in toe every step of the way.

Did sparks fly? Was it on for young and old? Who will win the battle of the blondes?

In a bizarre twist that every hunter would appreciate, Jodie opens her mind and allows herself to understand hunting for what it is, understanding the balance of nature, the food chain and the ethics that each hunters displays before they pull the trigger.

The film maker says: “As time wore on and I got to know her and got to see what she does, I fell in love with her, I think she’s amazing and I respect what she does. Now, I have more respect for people that hunt than people who buy meat in the supermarket.

Jodie continues, “Rachel puts a bullet straight through its heart, it’s killed instantly, it doesn’t suffer, the deer doesn’t know it’s happened. She takes it home, puts it in the freezer and eats it for the next month or so. It’s a much more humane and ethical way of killing animals because it’s had a happy and free range life. And the meat is healthier as well.”

In a YouTube video posted after the documentary aired on TLC (September 13th 2016) titled, “In bed with a hunter”, Jodie and Rachel declare their newly formed friendship saying, “We are actually friends aren’t we? We are not faking this. Rachel has actually been staying at my house for the weekend.” The clip begins with Rachel cooking venison from the filmed hunt in Jodie’s very own kitchen.

Jodie then goes on to tweet, “’I never thought I’d say, I not only like a hunter, but I want to be her friend’

On her Instagram page, Rachel confronts the anti-hunting opportunists “‘It’s easy for the likes of Piers Morgan & Ricky Gervais to sit on their a**** and judge from their comfy sofas… But to actually get out there and live it is true journalism and dedication to original, explorative and thought provoking media, “praising Jodie for covering a topic she is so sensitive to.

Rachel has done what every hunter hopes to achieve, to make an anti-hunter understand using logic, common sense and FACTS!

Unfortunately at this stage the Documentary is not available for viewing in Australia but you can watch “In bed with a hunter” on YouTube




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