Hunters Helping Farmers – Spika Hay Bale Run

Farms and families across the country have been devastated by some of the worst bushfires Australia has ever seen. Over this tragic period, we have seen so much generosity and true blue Aussie spirit from the hunting community – I am proud to say that I am part of such a big family.

Spika today shared theirInstagram storyof a hay bale run that they did for a farmer that urgently needed feed for his 270 head of cattle that he was able to save.

The farmer lost all his shed and was lucky that he was able to save his house. The fire burnt that hot on the property that hispipes had melted into the ground

pipes had melted in the ground.

Owner of Spika Dean Anderson donated all his spare bales to the farmer, and his team made an incredibly heartfelt delivery. The gesture brought a tear to the families eye and gave the farmer a small window of relief from what has been a traumatic time.

Spika Media Release

A message from Dean Anderson Spika owner

The fierce bush fires raging throughout Australia has left our team at Spika feeling great sadness.

With many of the Spika team having had upbringings in country towns and rural settings (myself included coming from a small country farming community in Northern Victoria), we can only imagine the devastation to those towns affected.

Many of our shops, customers and supporters are from small towns and sadly these fires have hit many hard.

At Spika we pride ourselves on looking after the everyday Australians that get outside and have a go. It is a difficult time to know what to do or how to help.

We recently ran a small convoy carrying hay bales from our farm to the Buchan area after learning of a fellow farmer in the hunting community that copped a hit to his farmland in the blaze.

We feel that every helping hand big or small to support these struggling families will hopefully lift spirits as communities are rebuilt. We pledge to donate generously, support our communities, property owners, and shops wherever we can.

A shout out to all of the bloody amazing Emergency Response teams doing all of the hard work out there, you are absolute legends.

We came across a post on social media recently that resonated with us, it suggested that once the fires have been contained and are under control, get out there with empty eskies, visit the towns, buy their produce, stay in their accommodations, eat & drink at the local, stock up at the grocers, buy some ammunition. This may just help lift the spirits of the locals while also helping with the huge task of rebuilding after the fires are long gone.

In the end nothing can beat the Aussie spirit. Our thoughts are with all of you out there affected.

Stay safe and GET OUTSIDE.

Dean Anderson

If you have a story like this we would love to share it with the wider hunting community.Please drop us an email here.




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