Hunting and Fishing Your Way Through Coronavirus

Everyone is now well aware of coronavirus and the rules and regulations that are currently in place to protect yourself and others. With this pandemic keeping away from people and places forms the“social distancing”that governments are enforcing. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

At the moment, hunting and fishing meet the requirements of social distancing, and it may be an opportunity to skip the supermarket and fill your freezer with wild meat or seafood. Its important we play by the rules and right now at level one restrictions these activities are fine.

Hunters andanglers by nature try and maintain social distancing on purpose. There is nothing like slipping into your nice quiet hunting or fishing spot without the trace or sight of another person.

The fallow and red deer ruts are starting to kick off with many public and private lands available to hunters. For those close to the coast, March and April are great months to wet a line and put some seafood in the esky.

Duck season is likely to start giving another opportunity to “social distance” and put a few birds in the freezer.

It’s not all doom and gloom, its a great opportunity to get the family out doing what you love. Spend your hard-earned chasing some game and at the same time getting back to our roots.

Headout and explore that spot you have always wanted to check out. Get on google earth and find some more. Take walks in new country and at the same time enjoy the fitness that comes with it.

Avoiding the supermarket and catching and killing your own is an excellent opportunity to show non-hunters and fishers that not everything needs to come in a package. Show your harvest and how it looks on the table.

Show the public that this is a period were hunters andanglers thrive. It’s an excellent opportunity to win over those that sit on the fence. Its extremely satisfying enjoying a meal you hunted or caught yourself whilst shelves are empty.

The coming months are going to be very trying. Use the outdoors to keep you and your family sane and your freezer well-stocked. If you are struggling reach out. The hunting and fishing community is a very generous and strong group that look after people.




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