Hunting Green embodies Greens hypocrisy

The Greens have revealed the depths of their hypocrisy byfielding a candidate for the Federal election who hunts deer.

Victorian Greens candidate Scott Campbell-Smith embodies oneof his party’s most hated characters, the “amateur hunter”, and has admitted toshooting deer.

“The Greens have consistently attacked ethical, law-abidinghunters, calling them cruel and inhumane for doing exactly what MrCampbell-Smith is doing – hunting with a rifle,” Shooters and Fishers Partyspokesman Jim Muirhead said.

“The irony is, the S&F applauds this hunter for livingaccording to our cultural heritage, but sadly he also sums up the hypocrisy ofthe Greens, a party that imposes arbitrary restrictions on others but won’t liveby its own ideology.

“As a Greens candidate and so-called ‘amateur’ shooter,Campbell-Smith should never have trusted himself to shoot at an animal andshould have engaged paid professionals to handle any pest control activitiesrequired on his land.”

The Shooters and Fishers Party demands answers to the samequestions the Greens ask of legitimate hunters: Has Campbell-Smith sat a testof his shooting skills and accuracy? Why does he need to possess a firearm?Does he have a ‘private arsenal’ that might be targeted by thieves to feed theblack market?

Can he prove he carried out his so-called pest controllegally and that he did not enjoy so-called bloodsports?

Most tellingly, can he honestly assure his constituents thathe did not harvest and eat free-range meat from his ‘pest’ animals? Under thedefinition of pest control, the meat cannot be utilised; for recreationalhunters, it is incumbent upon them not to waste it.

“We believe Campbell-Smith does feed his family venison, asure sign that hunting is as much a part of his cultural existence as it is forevery recreational hunter,” Mr Muirhead said.

Mr Muirhead also questioned why other Greens, such as NSWspokesman on firearms and hunting David Shoebridge, haven’t condemned theircolleague for his actions.

“Will they hold their candidates to account under their ownpolicies, or will they finally accept that they must abandon their ideologicalaim to ban all recreational hunting?”




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