John Robinson’s political exchange over ammunition

Here’s the continuing email saga whereby Guns Australia Editor John Robinson is attempting to drum some sense into pollies.

From John Robinson
Thanks for the prompt response. The main point of the previous email was to highlight the compromised security if the ammunition purchaser’s address is recorded with the firearms dealer. Addresses DO NOT appear on Firearms Licenses or Permits to Purchase firearms, and the dealer does not record addresses in any firearms transaction. The NSW Firearms Registry has held this information so at least there is a level of personal information confidentiality preserved under that arrangement, and the same should be applied to ammunition purchases.
I think it is up to our elected representatives to get the message across to the police and would not think that it appropriate that the general public be lobbying the police, who should not be involved in any political agendas. They have enough to do!. It would be more appropriate if you could act on your constituents behalf in this matter and pass these concerns on the Police Minister, who should then logically bring them to the attention of the Police Commissioner, who thought this deal up. After all , the Police Commissioner proposed the amended legislation in the first place, and it should have been up to him to think through the security implications.
The requirement to record gun owners’ addresses in an unsecure manner and against their will by a third party could be construed as an invasion of privacy under some aspects of State or Federal legislation and that could become messy. The average gun shop is not a bank, building society or superannuation fund with respect to its information systems security.
John Robinson

From: Tim Owen []
Sent: Thursday, 24 May 2012 7:49 AM
To: ElectorateOffice Newcastle;
Cc: Nina Djosic
Subject: Re: Fwd: For Tim Owen re Ammunition legislation
John, thanks for the email. I am very aware how unhappy you all are, and I sent a long burst to the Minister and also sat with him and discussed at length your concerns. I don’t know what more I can do on this. I also provided to him a series of possible amendments to the legislation as well as points you all made about the failings in terms of registration etc. I have put your case as strongly as I can personally.
Also the Police at the highest levels have been asking for this to occur as well – have the gun owners made representation to the police on this issue as well? If so, what has been their reaction and their views to you?
That said, I do understand the increased level of inconvenience this is now causing with this step in the process, and I am considering my views on it at this time.
Kind Regards
Tim Owen
Phone: (02) 4926 1126 Fax: (02) 4926 2134
Electorate Office: 414 Hunter Street
Newcastle NSW 2300
Parliamentary Office:
Phone: (02) 9230 2635 Fax: (02) 9230 3092
>>> ElectorateOffice Newcastle 5/18/2012 5:02 pm >>>

From John Robinson  5/18/2012 4:57 pm
While I have provided all the necessary details regarding the uselessness of this legislation arising from our previous meetings, and was hoping for a more positive response from your end in having it at least modified to prevent the implementation of what is essentially a useless piece of propaganda, I presume it is too late to have any other amendments included by the time it gets to the Lower House, as it is already through the Senate.
How will the firearms registry manage the data?. Does in mean that every time a gun owner goes into a gun shop and buys a packet of .22 rimfire ammunition, that will somehow be tracked through the Firearms Registry? If the 10,000 target shooters in the Hunter Valley wanted to make a nuisance of themselves, all they need to do is to buy all their ammunition in small quantities instead of in case lots to generate as much useless paperwork as possible.
Gun owners are very unhappy with your government about this issue, and the main concern is that it compromises their security, going by the comments I have received to date from many gun club members. Having their name and address recorded in a retail gun shop premises exposes them to a serious security risk, as anyone who accesses that information will know where to find a firearms and what calibre it is. Surely with all the expressed concerns about criminals accessing firearms, at least this silly legislation would have provisions to protect the identity of those purchasing ammunition. What do you suggest be done to deal with this matter?




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