Licence Suspensions: An Act of Revenge?

The National Shooting Council broke a story in 2018 where the Victorian Licence and Regulation divisioncharged Mike Sloan with operating in breach of two conditions of his Security Industry Instructors Licence, shut down his training school and seized his guns.

The matter went to trial in the Magistrates Court in 2018 where the LRD’s claims were proven to be false as it had failed to update its own database with the correct firearm information. LRD was forced to drop its case against Mike and pay his legal bills. To make matters worse for the LRD, Mike’s story made it to the front page of The Age.

The National shooting council released the following very interesting follow up.

“Now they have gone after a bloke who not only beat them on a previous stuff-up on their part, but they’ve come back for a second go, cancelling his security business and handgun licences”.


In 2018, Mike challenged VicPol’s decision to go after him for having blackmarket firearms in his possession, when it turned out the problem was that VicPol had not kept their registry up to date.

Now that his security licence came up for renewal, VicPol suspended both his security and handgun licences on the basis of him not being a ‘fit and proper’ person, and then cancelled them after claiming his business was not financially viable.

Mike’s business had suffered due to the COVID restrictions and then because he landed in hospital after suffering a heart attack, but VicPol weren’t interested, describing his predicament as “too bad, so sad”.

Wasting no time: legal actions start

Mike is, by all accounts, a nice and well liked guy. He has done nothing wrong, and VicPol’s treatment of him is both disgusting and, we suspect may be, illegal – so we’re helping Mike fight this with two legal actions. One is in the Firearm Appeals Committee (for his handgun licences) and the other in the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (for his business licences)

If LRD are allowed to do this unchallenged, then it will not be long before they do the same to the next security trainer, or gun dealer who may not be able to trade for whatever reason.

The LRD has form in this area: readers will remember how badly our gun dealers were treated during COVID, including the complete shut down after the “decision of National Cabinet” lie the NSC exposed earlier this year and the legal action we ran to help them re-open.

Read more about this story and what you can do on the National Shooting Councils website by clicking here .




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