The Shooters Union has been officially recognised by the National Rifle Association.

NRA Officially Recognises Shooters Union Queensland

The Shooters Union (Queensland) has achieved international recognition with the United States’ National Rifle Association accepting the organisation as an affiliate.

It’s a major boost for the Queensland-based shooting group which was set up to represent law abiding firearms owners in legal and political matters in the state and across the country.

In a media release, SU president Graham Park announced the affiliation this week and described it as as “an important step for your Shooters Union’s growth and ability to develop effective strategies to improve firearms legislation in Queensland and across Australia in the future.”

“Shooters Union has just received official recognition as an international affiliate of the United States NRA (National Rifle Association),” he said. “This affiliation fits well with the Union’s main role to defend the rights of law abiding firearm owners within Queensland and the Nation.

“So what does that do for us here in Australia?

“Well, it gives us affiliation with the largest, most powerful, most effective and most recognised shooting organisation in the world. It gives us access to information, training events and competition shoot formats, as well as alignment with many other international pro-firearms rights groups which are also affiliated to the NRA.

“Congratulations to our Treasurer Jan Linsley who has worked tirelessly to make this affiliation happen.”

“We realise that sometimes it does not look like much is happening on the SU front but be assured that Jan Linsley, Rob Harrold, Chris Howard and the entire growing management committee are hard at work behind the scenes developing and improving our services as well as developing relationships with firearms friendly politicians across the country.

“Let’s all work together to make Queensland and Australia a better place for legal firearms owners. As one of the safest and most law abiding groups in the country, you deserve respect from our political representatives and police forces everywhere and we are working to make sure you get it.”





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