NRC wants deer obliterated In NSW

Fallow deer. Image Alex Juris
Fallow deer. Image Alex Juris

The NSW Natural Resources Commission, “an independent body that helps NSW Government improve efficiency, production, biodiversity and Community well-being” is out to kill off free range recreational deer hunting in NSW by declaring them pests and taking away their game animal status.

You will see how they intend to do this in their State-wide review of pest animal management.

This is a document, the contents of which, if implemented, will spell the beginning of the death of public and private land recreational deer hunting in NSW as we know it. The concept of the free range hunt, cooperation with landowners and managers to manage deer herds to all stakeholders’ satisfaction will disappear under the implementation of wide-scale or universal indiscriminate culling and the horrifying spectre of toxic even more indiscriminate baiting or worse still ‚ÄúBiological‚Äù control mechanisms.

Over the last few weeks there has been a series of public ‚Äúconsultation‚Äù meetings which leads representatives of the genuine recreational hunting community and rural landholders to believe we will experience unprecedented government ‚Äúmanagement‚Äù through having to implement compulsory control orders to shoot or bait. ADA reps who have read this review and believe it to be a pack of unsubstantiated assertions and many Farmers do not seem to have the correct information on their existing ‘rights’ under the current G&FAC Act. Graziers can indeed implement local control orders on their own initiative with DPI assistance to control problematic numbers of different species on their own land.

It would be unfortunate for the future of genuine free range hunting in NSW if the government implemented another expensive and exclusionist volunteer shooter program like the current effort as the norm for the future. This type of measure must be resisted at all costs.

The recommendations that legitimate hunting groups make collectively are listed below:

1. Deer to remain as Game animals and access for all AHO’s into National Parks
* The majority of hunting groups do not want to reclassify any deer species found in NSW into pest status.
* Opening up National parks under the DPI Game unit model would have much better outcomes for all stakeholders. It would be fairer/more equitable for all AHOs, cheaper to run, more beneficial to local communities and landholders – and most of all we do not need to reinvent the wheel in NSW National Parks – we already have a world’s best practice model ready to go in the DPI Game Unit
2. A Victorian Style Fox and Wild Dog bounty introduced into NSW to assist farmers and volunteer hunters recoup some of the costs involved with managing these pests
3. Expansion of the Bow Hunting for Carp Program

It is apparent the anti-gun, anti hunting, anti animal welfare and anti commonsense brigade infest the ranks of the NRC. Hunters, it is time to get tapping to your local politicians and make a submission to the NRC Report in favour of the points above. Hit the link above and you can feedback on the response link on the opening page.




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