NSw Police senior officers Whyte and Hudson
Assistant Commissioner Whyte (left) said he was unaware of any threats being made against NSW Firearms Registry staff

NSW Firearms Registry hunkers down against perceived threats

The NSW Firearms Registry’s face-to-face customer service has become “non-existent” and is being moved to a secret location, partly to protect staff from threats.

This is despite senior police being unaware of any historical threats made to Firearm Registry staff. 

“It’s a discreet location with respect to, I suppose, that we’ve evolved over the years the circumstances of safety of the staff,” NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Scott Whyte told a Budget Estimates Committee hearing.  

He was responding to questions by Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC Robert Borsak, who said the Registry was no longer a “customer-facing organisation”.

“You’re telling me here and now that suddenly the Firearms Registry is a secret location?” he asked.

“Is it going to get blown up?

“At what stage have any of the customers threatened any of the staff at the Registry? I’ve never heard of that.”

Commissioner Whyte could not recall any threats being made to staff but said he would take the question on notice. 

The subject came up during questions about the Registry’s customer service record, which has been heavily criticised by NSW shooters for some time.

The Registry’s new premises, which is being prepared on the NSW Tweed Coast — not far from its existing location in Murwillumbah — is touted as part of the NSW government’s moves to improve customer service and efficiency.

“It’s to bring all of the units so they work together,” NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said. 

“Work has been undertaken in terms of improving the systems and Gun Safe, etc.”

She said the Registry’s customer service had “come a long way”. 




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One Comment

  1. If the money wasted on Registry and its upkeep was spent on the Health System the State would be a better place. Police do not look for criminals with illegal guns, it is easier to impose their might on legal owners!!!