NSW Firearms Registry Locks Down 365 Precision Range Activities – The Fight Begins

In August 2019 it was announced that365 Precision Traininghad their range heavily restricted by the NSW Firearms Registry. Since the announcement, the support from the shooting and hunting community has been tremendous.

The first big body to stand behind the range was the SFFP; in fact, they were the only group to reach out and offer a helping hand. Steve Larsson from the party is leading the charge, and his relentless pursuit will no doubt strengthen the fight.

Policy interpreted a Range User Guide (which the Commissioner admitted he did not know was not a statutory document in Parliament recently under grilling from SFFP) on the fly and open to broad interpretation is often used against shooters and their registered firearms, this story is no different, and we are seeing cases pop up regularly.

The support that has poured out from shooters and hunters pockets has raised $42809. This money will be used to support the Veteran owned companies legal fees and hopefully void this agenda-driven decision.

The Background

Hi, my name is Mitch Brewer. I am the owner operator of 365 Precision Training located in northern NSW.

I am a returned veteran who served in the Australian Army with tours in East Timor in 2008 and deployment to Afghanistan in 2010/2011.

365 Precision Training offers training courses for target shooters and huntes to hone their skills for more accurate shooting at longer ranges. The fundamental skills learned by shooters have helped them become more competent in their chosen sports shooting competitions and hunting activities as well as improve the safe use of Firearms with our students. We also had NSW Police Commissioner approval to run our courses.

We have had approximately 300 people attend our courses over the last 2 years with great success and reviews by our course attendees.

About 8 months ago, the NSW firearms Registry attended the range that we use for our shooting courses during one of our

scheduled events. The registry made outlandish statements about reasons why people would want to shoot long range. The implications by the NSW firearms registry was that were were possibly training people to become snipers. There were more statements by the registry, but for legal reasons I will keep that information for our lawyer.

The NSW registry were also very rude to course participants asking them questions about the firearms they were using on the course. All firearms were category A&B and all shooters were licenced to attend our courses.

After the NSW Firearms Registry left the range this is when things started to go down hill over the next few months.

The NSW Firearms Registry then suspended my firearms licence. They wanted me to do psychology test to prove that I was a fit and proper person to handle firearms. Why did they want that? I am an honest law abiding citizen. I am a veteran who has served this country and I have committed no crimes. I was being treated like a common criminal, certainly not indicative of the respect that I deserve.

After jumping through all the hoops of the NSW Firearms Registry they finally gave my license back after repeated communication requests to find out what was going on. Often they wouldn’t even respond to me with answers to my correspondence.

Less than 2 weeks after my licence was reinstated, the NSW firearms registry inspectors attended the range we operate from again. They have made it virtually impossible for us to continue to run our courses by imposing restrictions on us and the range that we believe aren’t legitimate. They have basically destroyed our business and all the money that we have put into the range. We are almost bankrupt because of this. All that we have done and achieved has been for nothing.

I am asking you to make a stand with me! I am asking you to join me in the necessary action legally to stop this from happening to the next person. I am asking you to stand with me and say no more! never again! not one more day of mistreatment!

We cannot let these arbitrary decisions to continue erode our sport.

Our first action will be at the NSW Civil & Adminstrative tribunal. We will then proceed to court after that date depending on the outcome. All funds will go to fighting this case.

Our goal is reinstate our courses and range activities and to continue to provide our services to the hunters and shooters of Australia. We wont be bullied into submission by NSW Firearms Registry who are destroying a veterans business and bankrupting me into submission.

I have never asked for anything, but I am asking you to stand tall with me and go shoulder to shoulder as brothers to put an end to the attack on shooters, hunters, and shooting range’s in Australia.

The money will be spent on legal fees and costs involved to reinstate normal operations at the range, if there is any remaining money, it will be spent to update the basic facilities we currently have out at the range. For example, shelter from the environment, potable water and possible lighting or updates to targets.

Additional Information:

1. My name is Mitchell Brewer and I am the owner operator of 365 Precision Training in New South Wales Australia.
2. I am from Tamworth New South Wales Australia
3. The funds raised are for my legal fees to go to the legal challenge of the NSW firearms registry regarding the verbal restrictions placed on my range shooting business activities.
4. These funds will be paid to me and used to paid via invoice to my Lawyer Glenn Kable of Hartmann & Associates. The funds will be used for anyletters, tribunal hearings, and court fees associated with the legal challenge with the NSW Firearms Registry.
5. I will keep everyone updated with my expenditure to my lawyer for transparency.

Yours in appreciation

Mitch Brewer
365 Precision Training

To the see the whole story and the Gofind me page follow this link.




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