NSW Government Attacks Recreational Hunting

Help us protect hunting

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party on on the attack after new regulations have been delivered. Here is how it will affect you and what you can do to help.

The Liberal – National New South Wales Government has released a consultation draft of the proposed Firearms Regulation 2017 and Weapons Prohibition Regulation 2017.

In a move reminiscent of John Howard’s 1996 gun reforms, these are some of the most draconian regulations ever.

These regulations, if passed in their current form, will affecteverylicensed firearm owner, hunting club and firearms dealer in New South Wales.

Here are just a few ways these new regulations will hurt law-abiding firearms owners:

  • Forcing all hunters and private landowners to supply private personal details to New South Wales Police before being allowed to hunt on private land (clause 32, 34Draft Firearms Regulations 2017).
  • Refusing a firearms license or permit even if someone is innocent of an offence under the Firearms Act (clause 11, 23Draft Firearms Regulations 2017).
  • Squeezing law-abiding firearms dealers out of business through further regulation and restriction (clause 41Draft Firearms Regulations 2017).

As they’ve always done, the Government are punishing law-abiding firearms owners for the actions of criminals.

They know full well that the increase in law-abiding firearms owners is largely due to the increase in recreational hunting. They’re attacking legitimate hunters from safely going about their business and slowly trying to kill off all licensed firearms ownership.

Regulations, unlike Bills and Acts, do not have to come before the Parliament to be voted on. They are put in place by the the Minister for Police, National Party MP Troy Grant.

You can helpRIGHT NOW.

Thedraft Firearms Regulation 2017anddraft Weapons Prohibition Regulation 2017have been released for public consultation.

The closing date for submissions is5pm on Monday 31 July 2017.

Please click on the following links for the:

Let the Government know that you don’t appreciate being treated like a criminal in waiting.

There is no set format for submissions if you wish to make comments and you can keep your comments private if you choose so.

Email submission to (preferred option):firearms@mpes.nsw.gov.au

Our Loose Cannon writer, Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow, has written a document which will assist you in writing to your local politicians and the NSW Police Minister to put the heat on the government over this issue. You can download Simon Munslow’s Correspondence Guide here.

Post submissions to:

Firearms Submissions
Office for Police, Department of Justice
GPO Box 5434

Submissions must be receivedno later than5.00pm Monday 31 July 2017.

Copies of all documents are available on the Department of Justice website.




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