Abused: Olympian Corey Codgell shrugged off threats to finish 11th in the trap at London.

Olympic star blasted with hatred

Messages of hate have been targeting US Olympic trap shooter Corey Codgell after animal rights campaigners attacked the 25-year-old because she hunts.

As the Olympics got underway, Corey defended her lifestyle on Facebook page but was forced to remove the page because of the abuse and threats posted there.

However, the page is now up and running again and supporters have rallied behind the world-class shooter, who has been overwhelmed by the encouraging messages she has received through Twitter.

“I am so touched by the outpouring of support I have received in the last few days from everyone on here!” Corey tweeted yesterday. “Love all my friends & fans!”

When Corey tweeted that she was on the bus on her way to the Olympic range, one anti-hunter responded, “pity the bus didn’t crash. You are a waste of oxygen and an embarassment to the human race. Karma is a bitch.”

That was almost kind compared with, “I hope that someone someday shoot your whole familly just practicing” and the desire to see her “shot deheaded and posted on a wall”.

Another said, “I hope someone shoots your firstborn.”

Anti-hunters also called her a murderer, disgusting and other insults that hunters have come to expect from them.

Corey, whose successful career includes a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics, did not let the abuse get to her at the London Games, where she finished 11th on an equal score with legendary team mate Kim Rhode.

Corey was born into a hunting family in Alaska, USA, and was taught to shoot as a young child. She has hunted all her life, and recently took part in a trophy hunt in Africa, which appears to have started the abuse.

When it comes to hunting, she targets big game as well as birds, and enjoys using a bow as well as a firearm.

An active advocate for shooting, she works with youth and women’s hunting organisations and is a regular on hunting TV shows.

She has been named as one of the world’s hottest Olympians, has no problems being immersed in a hunt and is happy to clean and butcher her game.

“Men like the idea of going shooting with me, but once we get out there it’s not so fun anymore,” she told Rolling Stone. “It takes cojones to be with me.”




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