MP David Gibson is putting forward a petition to get rid of Permits To Acquire in Queensland.  Please sign it!

Petition To Abolish Permits To Acquire in Queensland

We have all had immense problems caused by Permits to Acquire in Queensland. Time in waiting, permits lost in the post and mistakes on the form make for further delays. We know that they are a duplication of paper work that registration and licences can and do cover, without the endless forms. 

Knowing that you pay $34 dollars and it cost the government $64 just to receipt and securely bank that $34, before they even process the paper work. Now is the time to stand together and shout with one voice, regardless of the type of firearms you own. We want an end to the Permit to Acquire system when we already have a lawful excuse and a licence in that category. We have already waited the 28 days and we have already satisfied the reasons for the firearm. 

Please sign this Parliamentary Petition to abolish Permits To Acquire straight away and please pass it on to all your friends. Pass it on to your local shooting club, pass it on to your local gun shop, we want millions on this one. Member of Parliament David Gibson has bravely put this petition up. He has worked hard on it and will speak for it when it comes up in Parliament. We need signatures, this has the power to bring this huge wrong imposition to everyone’s attention. Now is your chance to do a little something, Spread it about please!

Wording of the Petition

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House that since 1997 there has been a duplicate imposition of fees, application forms and time wasted by licensed shooters, licensed firearm dealers and government employees. The Weapons Act 1990 already prescribes licence fees, 28 day waiting period and investigations on genuine need for all categories of firearms. Section 35(1)(c) states a person may acquire a weapon, if the person acquires the weapon under other lawful authority (Licence 49A), justification or excuse. This section has been used by licensed dealers to register and swap firearms for warranty since 1997, to register firearms to licenced shooters in the successful 2013 amnesty and to register firearms that are exchanged for similar firearms of the same category. Currently, the Queensland Police Service imposes a duplicate provision under the Weapons Act 1990 for people who have not yet received a licence in the correct category under section 35(1)(b) which requires a Permit to Acquire (PTA). Weapons dealers are required to register the firearms to the person either under section 35(1)(b) or (c) then report this to the Weapons Licensing Branch within 14 days. Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to support the Government’s commitment to reduce red tape by immediately instructing the Queensland Police to cease the duplication of an unnecessary imposition of the PTA system and allow licensed shooters to acquire the firearms in the category they are licensed for. 




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