In Australia, the Quiet-22 ammo from CCI is distributed by NIOA

Quiet 22 Ammo Wins NRA Award

From the USA comes news that CCI Quiet-22™ ammunition has won a prestigious award from the National Rifle Association (NRA). In Australia this .22 LR ammo is distributed by NIOA, but what caught my attention was that, as its name suggests, Quiet 22 ammo makes much less noise than standard 22 LR ammo.  My boys and I do a lot of rabbit shooting in areas where we would prefer not to make too much noise, so I was keen to find out more.

According to a press release from CCI, NRA’s American Hunter magazine has awarded the Quiet-22™ with the Golden Bullseye Award for Ammunition of the Year. This award is given to products for excellence, innovation and quality, and is designed to highlight quality products that exceed evaluators’ expectations.

Ideal for shooting where noise may be an issue, CCI Quiet-22™ allows for ultra-quiet shooting and produces 75 percent less noise than a standard velocity 22 LR load. The ultra-quiet round is perfect for plinking or hunting, and for use by young or inexperienced shooters.

CCI Quiet-22™ uses a standard 22 LR case, and the 710 fps muzzle velocity delivers excellent accuracy and better performance than air rifles with similar noise levels. Because the round produces only 68 decibels at the shooter’s ear, hearing protection is suggested but not required.

For the past 12 years, the NRA Golden Bullseye Awards have recognised the finest products in the shooting sports. After months of testing and evaluation, a seven-person committee, consisting of editors, graphic designers and veteran NRA Publications staff, presents awards to innovative products and companies that exceed the evaluators’ expectations.

“We are extremely pleased to receive American Hunter’s Golden Bullseye Award,” said CCI Brand Director Rick Stoeckel. “Between this award and the overwhelming market response to CCI Quiet-22™, we know we are providing a valuable tool for shooters everywhere. Quiet-22™ is a great way to introduce new shooters to the sport.”




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