Red Tape Lifted for Farmers to Shoot Kangaroos on Their Farms

Much of NSW is in drought and kangaroo numbers are exploding across the state. Red tape and tags have always been a problem for farmers trying to control kangaroo numbers.

Finally, the Government has listened with new regulations being drawn up will assist farmers in controlling kangaroo numbers on their own properties. The regulation is tabled to be released in September.

The new measures were announced by the Government as part of its drought package, with kangaroo numbers, according to many western graziers “exploding” in western NSW, putting even more pressure on pastures.

“We have heard loud and clear that farmers and also road users throughout regionalNSW, are seeing more and more kangaroos,” Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair said. “Kangaroos are causing damage to farm fences, eating what little pasture is left on the ground and drinking the limited water resources,” Mr Blair said.

“Coupled with road safety risks and animal welfare concerns for the kangaroosthemselves which are running very short of food and water in many areas, this isunderstandably leading to frustrations in rural communities.”

“We are making it easier for landholders to manage high numbers of kangaroos. Thechanges will reduce red-tape and streamline processes for non-commerciallicences.These changes will make it easier for landholders to respond to kangaroos.”

Government will also support landholders to connect with commercial harvesterswhich will provide landholders an additional tool to manage kangaroos.

Specific changes include:

  • Landholders will now be able to apply for shoot and let lie licences and report numbers culled by telephone or email.
  • Landholders will no longer be required to attach a tag to the carcass of the culled kangaroos.
  • Landholders and nominated shooters will be allowed to use the carcasses for non commercial purposes.
  • More that two shooters will be allowed to undertake culling operations on a property.
  • A process will begin to establish a new commercial harvesting zone in theSouth East of NSW.




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