Samantha Maiden Demands Shotgun Ban

The Daily Telegraph released an article on the 27 November pushing Baird to take a strong stance on shotguns.

Samantha Maiden links the Lindt cafe tragedy and terrorism to push her anti agenda whilst demanding for a ban on the Adler shotgun.

Samantha Maiden is no angel. In 2016 she was found guilty of high range drink driving. Reader comments at the bottom of her article pointing out that drink driving is a far bigger issue.

The article claims to have received official advice that police intend to reclassify the banned version of the Adler shotgun to a highly restricted D licence. “While never previously confirmed, in many respects this is no surprise. This is the position of a majority of states around the table at COAG. The problem is NSW”.

“While the NSW Police Commissioner will not confirm that advice publicly, his office has confirmed the police have made that advice available to the government ‚Äî for months”.

“Our understanding is that at this stage the NSW Cabinet has not made a decision on the reclassification of the Adler A5 and A7,’’ a spokeswoman said.

“NSW Police have provided advice which supports the ¬≠reclassification but the final decision rests with the NSW government.’’

Opponents of a D licence regimen, including the NSW Police Minister Troy Grant, like to point out the problem is illegal firearms, not legal Adler shotguns.

Inconvenient then that police also reveal they have seized the first sawn-off Adler in Broken Hill, destined for the black market.

It’s believed it was licensed to a gun shop in Victoria and then stolen in September. For months, Mr Grant has been telling journalists his “personal position” is to have the banned weapon on a B licence because he wants to “stand up for ¬≠farmers”.

Samantha’s rant continues

“Well, it’s time for the Premier and his cabinet to stand up to this madness”.

“Grant’s ability to express his “personal opinion” is enabled only by cabinet’s failure to reach a position. When it does the Police Minister will be bound. He must shut up and the Premier can do the decent thing on the Adler at COAG”.

“It is difficult to fathom how NSW, the epicentre of guns, gangs and terrorist wannabes came to be the biggest roadblock to tougher gun classifications. One reasons is the Orange by-election, which saw a grassroots revolt and the Nationals MP turfed out and replaced with an MP from the Shooters Party”.

“It seemed clear enough that NSW’s failure to act was partly driven by allowing the Nationals to look pro-gun for the angry voters of Orange”.

Samantha states “to ignore the advice of the police on the Adler and law enforcement officials across Australia can only lead to the conclusion the Baird government is prepared to put chasing the votes of gun lovers before public safety”.

The political disgrace of Troy Grant defying the advice of Andrew Scipione and law enforcement authorities must end.

The “Gun Lovers” had their say at the bottom of the article picking her arguments to pieces. I am sure that a factual non-emotional article will ever see the light of day from this one eyed journalist.

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