The Shooters and Fishers Party are hitting the road to visit all corners of NSW to introduce Federal Senate candidates in the lead up to the September 7 election.

Shooters and Fishers Party Freedom Bus Senate Campaign Tour

Shooters and Fishers Party NSW MLC Robert Brown todayannounced details of the Party’s Freedom Bus Tour of New South Wales tointroduce their Federal Senate candidates.

He said for the first time, the party is standing senatecandidates in all states and the Northern Territory.

“The tour has been truncated because the election was calledearlier than had previously been announced, but two senate candidates, KarlHouseman and Jim Muirhead, accompanied by sitting MLC Robert Borsak, will betouring as many rural and regional areas as possible in the short timeavailable on a fact finding mission,” Mr Brown said.

“The Shooters and Fishers Party is unashamedly a StatesRights Party and this theme flows through all our federal policies.

“We are interested in water security for the Murray DarlingBasin farmers and keeping the Federal Government’s nose out of areas of landmanagement such as the states’ public lands. Native Vegetation and ThreatenedSpecies regulation are both state and federal issues that badly need reform.

“Shooters and Fishers Party Parliamentarian Robert Borsakcurrently has a notice of motion before the NSW Parliament to repeal the state’sridiculous Native Vegetation legislation,” he said.

Mr Brown said the Shooters and Fishers Party would similarlyprosecute reforms in the federal arena if elected to the senate.

He said the party also had issues with coal minesencroaching on towns such as Bulga, cheap food imports destroying Australianfarms, particularly in the Riverina, and the way the federal government hasimposed “water investment” legislation such as the Toorale buy-back, whichproduces no water for the Darling River.

Mr Brown pointed to the recent attempts of the federal governmentto interfere with various state governments’ initiatives in managing bushfiresin National Parks.

“I expect the inquiry into the Coonabarabran fires earlierthis year will reflect badly on federal interference. Tony Burke, when he wasEnvironment Minister, not only presided over the creation of massive no-goMarine Reserves, he then tried to bully Victoria and Queensland over theirproposed trialling of limited grazing in their National Parks as afuel-reduction strategy,” he said.

“Fishers have had enough of State Marine Parks and FederalMarine Protected Areas being created with an apparent lack of supportingscience, denying ordinary Australians access to fishing areas.

“Federal Governments of both political persuasions havehistorically failed to stop massive foreign ownership of our prime agriculturalland, or rein in the market dominance of Coles and Woolworths.

“In short, they have failed to support Rural and RegionalAustralia. This must be particularly galling for those in the bush when theysee billions of dollars poured into a failing car industry, while at the sametime they are denied meaningful rural assistance during prolonged drought.

“All we have seen is typical city-centric policy making by federalgovernments of both colours – it has to stop.

“The best way for this to happen is if the Shooters andFishers Party, and other like-minded minor parties, can have senators electedin a number of states, and take away the balance of power from The Greens.

“The Greens are responsible for most of the failed federalpolicies in the past five years and the electors now know it,” Mr Brown said.



Friday, 30 August

Bulga Community Hall at 11

Tamworth Pistol Club at 6 pm

Saturday, 31 August


Monday, 1 September

Dubbo at 10am

Forbes at 2 pm

Monday, 2 September

Griffith, 11am-5pm

Tuesday, 3 September

Finley/Tocumwal, 11am-1pm

Mathoura, 3pm-4pm

Wednesday, 4 September

Deniliquin, 9am-12pm

Hay, 2pm-6pm

Thursday, 5 September

Condobolin 2pm-3pm





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