It's time to decide who shooters' and hunters' best interests at heart and make it count at the polling booth.

Shooters and Fishers preference allocations

The Shooters and Fishers Party has released details on howto vote in the September 7 election with lists of preferences appearing on theElectoral Commission website.

The SFP Facebook page is a good start for further informationand comments on key issues by its members and candidates, as well as the followinginstructions for voters.

The Australian Electoral Commission website now contains allSenate Group Voting Tickets, ie, preference distributions. Click here and open the file for your state/territory.

If you then go to the S&F ticket, you’ll find MicrosoftExcel documents that are much more confusing than the ballot paper samples thatwere there before.

To know how SFP preferences are listed, scroll down column Buntil you find these letter codes for the party: NSW AJ, Vic O, Qld AB, SA X,WA G, Tas L, NT I. If you’re savvy with Excel, copy and paste just the SFP thepreferences onto a new page and use the Sort & Filter button on column G.

If the sample ballot paper PDFs return to the AEC websitethen the instructions are that BELOW the line you’ll see the order of the SFPpreferences. It’s important to remember that if you VOTE 1 ABOVE THE LINE FORS&F, that’s all you have to do – DO NOT number boxes below the line, or anyother box above the line. Preferences will be distributed as per ourallocation.

We believe our preference allocations give us the bestchance of succeeding in this election, and urge you to vote 1 above the linefor S&F.

Note that the Greens are last in all our lists. Vote 1 abovethe line for S&F and you’ll be putting the Greens last.

If you choose to vote BELOW the line, you mustensure you get it right by numbering all the boxes, or your vote will notcount. We don’t want to see that happen, which is another reason we urge you tovote above the line. But it is, of course, your choice.




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