Snap Shots – 24 May 2012

Dog handling clinic

Australian Hunters International has two upcoming events for hunters and shooters. It is running a dog handling day for hunters on 22 July at the NSW Gun Club, Booralie Rd, Terrey Hills. It promises to be a valuable clinic, with four renowned handlers doing the training, a number of dogs being brought along (don’t bring your own) and a focus on getting dogs to work well when hunting. “All genres will be covered for both the handler and the dog and the programme is suitable for both the new or aspirant handler and those with experience,” the club states. It’s $20 a head ($15 if you hold an R licence). For details, contact Chris Hoggett at The second event, a club meeting, happens this Sunday at Sydney Gordon Golf Club (2 Lynne Ridge Rd) at 10.30am, for members and those interested in joining.

Tiger poachers to be shot

A local Indian government has given rangers permission to shoot poachers on sight, following a high number of tiger killings. “If the staff spots poachers committing an offence, they have been given orders to shoot on sight. They should sound a warning asking them to surrender, however if the poachers fail to do so, they should be shot,” a Maharashta government minister said. However, there are concerns, including a lack of clarity about the legality of the order and lack of firearm training for most rangers.

Shooter “drunk, unlicensed”

A man who fired several rifle shots in Sydney’s inner west, including aiming at a bus and taxi, was drunk and unlicensed, according to police statements. No one was hurt in the incident, in which the man had a semi-automatic .22 and a lever-action which appears to have been a .22 also, although court documents indicate it may be a .30-30. No one was hurt in the incident, which occurred on Victoria Rd, and police are appealing for the passengers on the bus to come forward.




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