Some 660 feral pigs were removed from the environment in a single weekend at this month's Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships at Gympie.

Snap shots: 660 pigs caught at the Big Boar Champs

Big Boar Hunt takes down 660 pigs

The Queensland Big Boar Hunting Championships, held this month in Gympie, Queensland, have been another resounding success. According to this report in the Gympie Times, contestants killed 660 feral pigs – over 10 tonnes liveweight – in just a single weekend,  Not only is that great for the environment, but the competition also contributes to the local economy and raises money for the Wandering Warriors charity to help war veterans and their families. Well done all!

More on the Adler

The Adler lever-action shotgun is still making waves in the media. Here’s an article from the Weekly Times pointing out the obvious: that many shooters distrust the authorities charged with formulating our gun laws, and suspect that moves are already afoot to reclassify the Adler.

ABC’s Adler expert exposed

Meanwhile, here is how the ABC presented the Adler story on its 7.30 Report. You’ll see one of the “experts” they organised to speak against the Adler is “Professor” Phillip Alpers. Somewhat surprisingly for someone calling himself a Professor, this article from the Arms Collectors Guild of Queensland (previously published in New Zealand Guns and Hunting) claims Mr Alpers has a grand total of zero academic qualiifications and is in fact a university drop out. Go figure?

NRA attacks Aussie gun laws

The powerful National Rifle Association in the USA has taken aim at Australia’s gun laws in a recent article in its magazine America’s First Freedom. According to this report on, the NRA says there’s no proof John Howard’s gun buyback had any effect on Australia’s rates of violent crime and that all it did was rob our citizens of their right to self-defence.

Better venison

Finally, for a change of pace and some light relief, here is an interesting article from the Realtree site about how to get the most out of your venison.  I still hear people grumbling about their venison, so hopefully these tips might change that.






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