This bloke shot himself in the foot with a 150 pound crossbow, hopped a kilometre home, then chain smoked all the way to hospital.

Snap Shots: Bow hunter shoots foot, hops home

Bow hunter shoots foot, hops home

We kick off this week with a bizarre piece from, recounting a 2013 incident in which a Northern Territory station worker accidentally shot himself in the foot with a 150 pound crossbow. The arrow pinned his foot to the ground and, after he freed himself, he hopped a kilometre home, then chain-smoked all the way to hospital!

NT: big on guns, low on crime

Staying in the Territory we have a more serious story from the NT News, pointing out that the Top End has the second highest level of gun ownership per resident, yet the lowest rate of firearm crime.  Who would have thunk it?

More hunting please

Staying in the Northern Territory for a second, hunters are calling for more hunting reserves to be opened up following the largest ever magpie goose hunting season.  Predictably, according to the ABC, this proposal has drawn criticism from the RSPCA.  Apparently free range poultry is ony OK if it comes from Coles.

Deer heads swapped for ice

Back down in Victoria, meanwhile, we have this far-fetched article in The Age, reporting on a supposed “crime racket” involving sambar deer being poached and their heads swapped for the drug ice.  Police have alleged that illegal hunters are spotlighting sambar stags, hacking off their heads, taking them to Melbourne and exchanging the heads for ice, or for up to $300 with which to buy ice. Really? There are so many holes in his story I’m not so sure it’s the hunters who are on drugs.

Dogs to sniff out cats

Finally, from the Snowy River region of NSW, comes this ABC report of an ambitious scheme to protect pygmy possums by using using sniffer dogs to sniff out feral cats and chase them up trees. It sounds a bit like a mini-version of US style mountain lion hunting!







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