There has been a call to outlaw compound bows following the shooting of a kangaroo near Grafton.

Snap Shots: Call to ban compound bows

Call for compound bows to be banned

Following the unfortunate shooting of a kangaroo with an arrow near Grafton, this poorly-researched artice from the Sydney Morning Herald calls for compound bows to be banned, The problem is, as Garry Mallard points out in his excellent blog The Hunters Stand, there’s no evidence that a compound bow was even involved.  Note, too, that the “offending arrow” presented in the first photo is quite different to the one actually in the kangaroo.

Rec shooters shunned

The Illawarra Mercury reports on some more idiotic ideas from the Greens about how to manage deer in the Illawarra region. For starters, they want to spend public money on “professional shooters” to cull the deer. Nevermind that recreational hunters are doing the same job for free in Victoria. David Shoebridge also suggests we use sterilisation and contraception as a part of the management plan. Say what?

Japan Government wants more hunters

In contrast to the situation in many states of Australia, the Japanese Government is urging young people to take up hunting, as a way of combatting burgeoning populations of deer and wild pigs, as reported in this article from the Japan Times. Clearly the Government there realises that recreational hunters are a large resource capable of undertaking a cost-effective role in wildlife management.  Uncommonsense.

Hemingway hunting quotes

On a positive note, check out these inspring hunting and fishing-related quotes from Ernest Hemingway on the Sporting Classics Daily website. They should serve as a good reminder of why we do what we do – if in fact we need reminding at all. Actually it’s not a bad website, so have a look around while you’re there.

Self-filmed moose hunt

Finally, I’ve never hunted moose but it’s definitely on my bucket list.  By the look of the vision of this video it must be one hell of a heart pounding, adrenaine pumping experience when a big bull suddenly appears at close quarters.  Check out this self-filmed one-minute clip of the final moments of a successful moose hunt in Sweden to see what I mean.





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