Four Victorian duck shooters have been fined $4000 for shooting 11 minutes early on opening day

Snap Shots: Duck shooters fined

Duck shooters fined

In a ruling that should serve as a strong reminder for duck shooters to stick to the rules, four Melbourne men have been fined for shooting before the season officially opened.  According to a report in the Weekly Times, the men were fined a total of $4000 for starting to shoot 11 minutes before the opening time on a creek near Gunbower, Victoria.

Zimbabwe lifts lion ban

In a move that shows how ridiculous the outcry over Cecil was, and how important hunting is to Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean Government has already lifted the ban on lion hunting that was imposed shortly after the killing of the supposedly famous lion. According to the ABC, the ban has been lifted “with immediate effect”.

Camel meat recommended

Sticking with the ABC, this report has it that Melbourne’s North African community reckon it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country catches on to how good camel meat is. According to the report, people from the local Somali community flow in and out of a halal butcher’s shop in Flemington, Melbourne, to get their wild Aussie camel meat.

Prince Harry fighting poachers

According to this article on the Unilad website, everyone’s favourite prince, Prince Harry, has been flown in secret to a military camp in South Africa to join the war against animal poachers.  The anti-poaching campaign has already seen over 300 poachers killed.

Emms crowned World Champ at long range titles

Aussie target shooters continue to excel on the international stage, with stock and station agent Ben Emms, from the Central Tablelands of NSW, this week being crowned the new World Champion at the World Individual Long Range Championships, at Camp Perry, Ohio, USA. According to a report from Shooting Australia, fellow Aussie Matthew Pozzebon (West Wallsend, NSW) finished third in this marathon of shooting.





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