Federal Premium has introduced its online Ballistics Calculator on FederalPremium.com

Snap Shots: Federal Premium Ballistics Calculator

Federal Premium Ballistics Calculator, huge collection of military treasures, shocking report from Western Sydney, ridiculous gun bottle ban attracts international press, Piers Morgan fired from CNN for “anti-gun stance”


Federal Premium Ballistics Calculator

Federal Premium has introduced its online Ballistics Calculator on FederalPremium.com. The tool allows users to quickly determine trajectories for any Federal Premium rifle or handgun load, or even handloads. Shooters can manipulate a range of variables such as temperature, elevation, wind speed, sight height and zero range. Shooters can use the calculator via a Mac, PC or mobile device. A pretty handy tool for those who are fair dinkum about accuracy.


Huge collection of military treasures

Check out this massive warehouse of military artefacts housed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Inside are countless rifles, handguns, uniforms, artworks (including Norman Rockwell originals and watercolours by Adolf Hitler) and other pieces of history stored in a massive storage facility run by the Army Historical Foundation. The foundation is also in charge of raising the funds to build a museum to properly display these treasures, but there are major fundraising hurdles to jump. The foundation’s president recently told the Washington Post that it has raised $76 million of the $175 million required for the museum and predicts the museum could open in 2018. The plan is to build the museum at Fort Belvoir.


Shocking report

Police in Western Sydney announced the discovery of an arms cache of 200 semi-automatic rifles with 25,000 rounds of ammunition, 200 pounds of heroin, $5million dollars in forged banknotes and 25 prostitutes – all located in a semi-detached house behind the public library on Woodward Avenue. Local residents were stunned.  A community spokesman said: “We’re all shocked. We never knew we had a library.” (Sporting Shooter apologises for this terrible joke!)


Ridiculous gun bottle ban attracts international press

Guns ‘n’ Freedom website has seized on the ridiculous regulation in South Australia’s gun laws that ban soft drink bottles from being used as silencers. The site reads: “Some new gun laws in Australia may make it illegal to carry a gun and a bottle of soda at the same time.  Australia now wants to prohibit soda bottles because they can be used as “adapted suppressors” which is illegal according to gun regulations which were detailed by the South Australian police.  Watch video below. So anything that can be adapted to become a silencer is prohibited. Of course Michael Bloomberg is probably very happy about this, especially if any soda bottles that can carry 20 oz or more are banished from Aussie land. So what are soda drinkers supposed to do if they also happen to own a gun? The soda bottles “must be securely boxed, bagged, or wrapped and bound prior to arrival, and may only be removed from the covering by a police officer.”


Piers Morgan fired from CNN for “anti-gun” stance

Rabid anti-gun spokesman Piers Morgan is looking for a job after CNN axed his Piers Morgan Live program that had replaced Larry King’s long-running current affairs show. Morgan’s 2million viewer per night popularity quickly ebbed away after his anti-gun campaigns and other polarising opinions that seemed out of step with the majority of Americans. This Youtube clip explains Infowars.com Alex Jones’s reasons why the show went under.





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