ArmaLite ad offends Italians

Snap Shots: Gun-toting David

Italians angry over ad featuring Michelangelo’s David toting a rifle; Thistlethwaite’s sneaky attack on Anzac rifle range; Firearms names for kids soaring; Firearms Amnesty – Devonport and Burnie (22-23 March); US church lures converts with firearms

Italians angry over ad featuring Michelangelo’s David toting a rifle

A report on CNN says that Italians are bashing an American gun manufacturer’s advertising campaign that uses the iconic statue of David holding an AR-50A1 rifle with the tagline, “A Work of Art.” Italy’s minister of culture took to Twitter on Saturday and threatened legal action against the Illinois-based weapon manufacturer Armalite for using the image of Michelangelo’s masterpiece to boost sales of a weapon that retails for about $3,300. Dario Franceschini said that he wants ArmaLite to withdraw the image because it “offends and violates the law.” CNN could not reach ArmaLite for comment. Still, the controversial ad of David holding the rifle isn’t new: It’s been out since at least last May, when it was posted to the company’s Twitter feed.


Thistlethwaite’s sneaky attack on Anzac rifle range

Kingsford Smith MP Matt Thistlethwaite has targeted the Anzac Rifle Range at Malabar in a survey sent out to his constituents. The survey appeared in his newsletter Community Update last month and is engineered to encourage people to oppose the current tenure at the range in favour of parkland. “This week I created an online community survey for local residents to have their say on important issues facing our local area,” he writes. “Whether it’s in relation to a second Sydney airport, Malabar Headland or the NBN, this survey is a chance for me to understand the community’s views on a number of these important matters.” The survey’s leading question 16 asks: “Do you support the shooting club being removed from Malabar Headland and the headland being turned into a park open to the public?”


Firearms names for kids soaring

A report on website The Baby Name Wizard reveals an exponential growth in Americans giving their children firearms related names. Over a 10-year period the average rise was more than 500% with Barrett and Beretta topping the list. “Gun-related names have become a style category of their own, and as I’ve briefly noted in the past, they’re on the rise,” writes survey compiler Laura Wattenberg. “I cross-checked lists of firearms terms and manufacturers with names given to five or more babies in the most recent statistical year (2012) and/or 10 years earlier (2002). I ended up with a list of 15 gun-related names, including brand names like Ruger and Colt as well as general terms like Gauge and Shooter.”


Firearms Amnesty – Devonport and Burnie (22-23 March)

The Tasmania Police mobile firearms amnesty is moving to Devonport and Burnie later this month. Police in the Western District will establish a mobile Police Station at two locations over the weekend of 22 and 23 March, where anyone with an unwanted firearm or ammunition can hand it to police. “Our mobile amnesties in Hobart and Launceston last year resulted in almost 300 firearms handed in, and we are now providing that opportunity for residents around Devonport and Burnie,” said Sergeant Peter May. “Mobile police stations at the Devonport Showground on Saturday 22 March and at the Burnie Showground on Sunday 23 March offer secure sites for handing over firearms or ammunition. We don’t turn anyone away and people can remain anonymous if they wish.”


US church lures converts with firearms

A gun giveaway was used to bring “unchurched” people to the Kentucky Baptist Convention it was revealed recently. According to several reports, 25 firearms were raffled at the Lone Oak Baptist Church in Kentucky on Monday night, an event that had 1300 people queued around the building. A pamphlet distributed by the church says it aims to “point people to Christ”. Chuck McAlister, an ex-pastor and hunting show host who runs the events, said the last year’s outreaches had succeeded in extracting 1678 “professions of faith” from men who attended. McAlister’s boss, Paul Chitwood, the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s executive director, said the initiative has been a success. “It’s been very effective,” he said.




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