John Howard recently attended an event held by Gun Control Australia at which he said he would be "concerned" if gun laws were wound back.

Snap Shots: Howard says don’t wind back gun laws

Howard says don’t wind back gun laws

First up we have this piece from the Sky News website, which reports that former PM John Howard has been a key speaker at a Gun Control Australia function. Apparently Howard expressed his concern at any potential “winding back” of Australia’s gun laws. Really? Shock me.

GPS in fake ivory to stop poaching

Next we have a very interesting piece from Sporting Classics Daily that details how an expert taxidermist has been engaged to make fake elephant tusks that will be implanted with a GPS tracking device to allow anti-poaching authorities to track the movement of illegal ivory. It is hoped the strategy will play a key role in dismantling elephant poaching rings. 

Miss World Australia is a shooter!

In this piece from the Courier Mail we learn that the newly crowned Miss World Australia likes to shoot. The article says that Tess Alexander is raising eyebrows with her passion for firearms – or that it might be her topless selfies.  Mmmm.  I wonder?

Cecil update

In case we all hadn’t completely had enough of the Cecil saga and the lies and misplaced outrage that went with it, the dentist who shot the lion, Walter Palmer, has finally broken his silence.  In this piece from the International Business Times, Palmer says he would never have shot the lion if had realised it was such a treasured animal – even though many Zimbabweans had never heard of the lion.

New funnel web spider discovered

For a change of pace, here’s a report from the Science Alert website.  As if our great nation doesn’t have enough things that can kill you, scientists have now discovered a new species of funnel web spider – one with blood red fangs.  I kid you not.




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