Snap Shots: Lee says to boycott the USA

Samantha Lee calls for Aussies to boycott USA

Here’s an amusing albeit scary YouTube clip in which Gun Control Australia spokesperson Samantha Lee suggests on Channel 9 that one thing Australians could do to help stop mass shootings in the USA is to…wait for it…stop going there. What? Like they’d even notice? Honestly, some of the stuff these people come up with is beyond belief.

SSAA corrects the record

In response to this and other rubbish spruiked by Ms Lee, the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia put out this press release, berating the anti-gunners over trying to base firearms legislation on “half truths and bare-faced lies” and spelling out the facts behind the false claims. Good work SSAA!

LAFOs cause the most deaths: Alpers

On the subject of people calling for tighter gun control, check out this piece on the Conversation website from well known hoplophobe, Phillip Alpers, in which he makes the counterintuitive claim that most gun deaths are caused by lawful firearms owners. Editor O’Dean sums up the article best when he says “The most cursory check of Alpers’ academic background reveals he never even gained an undergraduate qualification of any sort. Now he has landed a sinecure at Sydney University as an “adjunct professor”. Look up the definition. And do a Google search of his previous work. It’s enlightening and you can draw your own conclusions about whether anything he writes is to be given credence.”

More anti-gun scaremongering

Running with the theme, here’s another anti-gun piece in the Daily Telegraph by Carleen Frost, who says that competitive sport and recreational hunting aren’t good enough reasons for owning a gun. “We need to make it harder for anyone to apply for a firearm without an absolutely essential reason”, she says, citing her fear of ISIS-style lone wolf attacks as her reason for wanting to punish the rest of us. The lack of logic and facts is breathtaking.

Wilbur Smith backs lion hunt

And finally, South African author Wilbur Smith has waded into the row surrounding the death of Cecil the lion by suggesting the animal was “going downhill fast” and that the US dentist who killed him probably “did his pride a favour”. In this article in The Age, Smith, a keen hunter himself, says hunting is the right thing to do for conservation.




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