Samara McPhedran exposes some myths about gun ownership and crime

Snap shots: McPhedran exposes gun myths

This excellent piece by Samara McPhedran, published inThe Conversation, should be compulsory reading for all gun owners. It provides an excellent rebuttal to many of the myths about gun ownership and crime. Arm yourself with facts!

Hunter help wanted in pig research project

Pig hunters from around the country are wanted to help with a research project looking at influenza in pigs. According to this report from the SSAA, hunters would be required to collect blood samples and a swab from the pig’s nose. Are you interested in helping out?

Townsville horse cull underway

As a follow up to a previous Snap Shots story, we have this report from the Townsville Bulletin that the horse cull near the Bruce Highway has commenced. Around 100 horses have been shot from helicopters following two fatal vehicle crashes caused by feral horses.

Bigotry in black and white

Australian journalists have long embraced the tools of the bigot in their emotionally manipulative war on responsible, ethical hunters.So says Garry Mallard in his latest piece in The Hunters Stand. It’s an interesting piece that exposes the racism of many anti-hunters.

Rifle targets on pizza boxes

From the ‘Only in America’ filecomes this story from the Accurate Shooter website about a pizza company printing shooting targets on their take away pizza boxes. How awesome is that? ‘Merica!

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