Researchers in the Snowy River National Park have observed emaciated horses eating their dead herd mates.

Snap Shots: Starving Brumbies Turn To Cannibalism

Brumbies turn to cannibalism

We lead with very sad story about starving wild horses in the Snowy River National Park that are so hungry they have been driven to cannibalism, According to a report from 9 News On-line, emaciated feral horses have been observed by researchers eating their dead herd mates.  I hope the greenies that put the kibosh on aerial culling are pleased with this outcome.

Queensland gun licences on the rise

From The Australian comes a report that the number of gun licences in Queensland is rising fast, reflecting the increasing popularity of our great sport. Gun Control Australia’s Roland Browne has blamed a promotional push from the shooting lobby – so we must be doing something right!

Gun sense from the Magnet

In a rare display of balanced gun-related journalism comes this piece from the Magnet newspaper in Eden, NSW. In it, President of the Australian Conservation Hunters, Clyde Thomas, discusses the economic and environmental benefits of licenced recreational hunting, and embraces HuntFest as a camping, hunting, archery, and fishing focussed expo (not a “gun fair” as the antis like to call it). If you’d like to congratulate the journalist, Amanda Shroud, for getting it right, you can find her email address HERE.

Illegal spotlighters nabbed

Three men have had their firearms confiscated and face fines of nearly $3,000 after being caught illegally spotlighting deer near Myrtleford in Victoria. The Border Mail reports that the men were stopped on a public road at 3am last Saturday by Game Management Authority staff and could not provide a reason why they were in possession of rifles, a spotlight and butchering equipment (including a flick-knife). It’s a good reminder that spotlighting deer in Victoria is still illegal except on private property with the written authority of the landowner.

The ultimate ‘man cave’

To finish with, check out this ultimate ‘man cave’ in the Adventure Journal. A man from the USA (where else) has replicated a hunting lodge in a room of his house.  Actually, it’s given me some ideas…the pics at tghe bottom of the article re the best.





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