Compulsory desexing of cats and tougher regulations regarding feeding of strays are set to be introduced in Melbourne.

Snap Shots: Tougher Cat Laws Welcomed

Tougher cat laws

In welcome news from the Monash Council (Victoria), the Herald Sun reports that tougher laws against feeding stray and feral cats, along with compulsory desexing, are set to be introduced.  A 24-hour cat curfew is also being discussed.  Let’s hope other councils follow suit – for the sake of our wildlife.

Lion import ban

According to a report from Public Service Online, the Department of the Environment is still considering redefining the status of the African lion to “threatened with extinction” and banning the importation into Australian of legally hunted lion trophies  The trouble with this is that lions aren’t threatened with extinction at all – they are listed by CITES as Appendix II. What business the Australian Government has redefining the status of other countries’ wildlife is beyond me. Nevertheless they have called for submissions by September 22.

Bullbar reprieve for NSW motorists

In good news for NSW rural motorists, the Government in that state has halted a police crackdown on oversized bullbars. According to the website, motorists driving vehicles with bullbars now have a two-year exemption to make sure their bullbars comply with the law. This is a win for Shooters and Fishers Party MP Robert Borsak who has been outspoken on this issue.

WA rec hunters and pest management

A state inquiry into recreational hunters’ potential role in pest management in Western Australia could see hunters in that state gain greater access to crown land for the purposes of hunting feral animals.  A report in The West Australian, however, says the proposal has been met with a mixed reaction amongst private landowners.

Feral cruelty 

In what should be an unecessary reminder, the Queensland Government has reminded hunters and landowners that there are strict laws governing the hunting of feral species. According to an article in News Mail, anyone caught mistreating animals could face prosecution – and rightly so.







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