Meet Steve Lee on the campaign trail for the Shooters and Fishers Party in the run up to the upcoming election in New South Wales.

Snap Shots: Your chance to meet Steve Lee

Meet Steve Lee and support SFP

To start with, here’s a YouTube clip from Steve Lee of ‘I Like Guns’ fame. He’s now a candidate for the Shooters and Fishers Party in the upcoming NSW state election. If you want to catch up with Steve on his campaign tour through western NSW, and perhaps volunteer some time at the polling booths, this clip tells you how.

Love sharks, hate hunting

From WA comes this piece in Perth Now that reports on a protest rally in Scarborough against the killing of sharks. I’m not a surfer so I’d probably be happy enough to let them run with that.  But then towards the end of the article they let slip that a petition was also handed around against in support of stopping recreational hunting on public land in WA.  Now that’s called scope creep!

Want to steal a gun?  The Geelong Advertiser tells you where!

Here’s a top piece from the Geelong Advertiser in which they tell us all about how many firearms there are in certain areas around Geelong (Victoria). Worse still they actually name one postcode in the headline!  Mmmm.  I wonder who could be interested in that info?  And, surprise, surprise, gun theft is on the rise. Insert palm slap to forehead here.

More anti-deer bulldust

Here’s some more anti-deer pontification in The Weekly Times from a wet-behind-the-ears ecologist who thinks that deer should be re-classified a pest because that stroke of a pen will somehow make them easier to control.  Trouble is, he doesn’t actually tell us what control mechanisms will magically become available to farmers once the deer’s game status is revoked. Further, he fails to mention the $439 million that hunters – mostly deer hunters – inject into Victoria’s economy each year, instead preferring to brush us off as “a small minority”.

Stuffers face off in Lilydale

Taxidermy has never seemed to me to be a competitive past time. I was wrong. According to this piece in the Herald Sun, a national taxidermy competition will soon be held in the Scout Hall at Lilydale, Victoria. It is on February 28, and should be an impressive display.




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