An affordable shotgun, m'lord? Well, it is half the price of the Pall Mall

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Today’s Snap Shots: Abela’s gun shop; .303 shoot; boaties battle; Russia’s high target; Hong Kong lock-out; poaching update; and would sir like a cheaper shotgun?

Abela’s Gun Shop confident of August opening

Campbelltown City Council is next week expected to approve the development application lodged by David Abela to establish his new gun shop in the city, just outside Sydney. David said the council’s planning committtee voted six to one in favour of the application this week. “I still haven’t got the written okay but I’m 99% there,” he said. He had asked supporters to turn up at next week’s council meeting but now believes there is no need for the show of support. “It’s best if we hold back on going in as a major group,” he said. “All going well, I hope to open in August.” 

Ron Chun shoot

One of the best shoots for .303 fans is coming up in a couple of weeks at Wellington, NSW, when Fashion’s Mount Rifle Club hosts the Ron Chun Shield. With classes for as-issued, target and modified .303-cal rifles, it consists of 10-shot matches over 300, 500 and 600-yard ranges. $40 gets you in, plus lunch, but RSVP so the club can ensure there’s enough tucker. Contact FMRC president Lindsay Hough on (02) 6845 3623 or secretary Steve King on (02) 6845 1091. The range is on “Wattle Glen”, 111 Ilgingerry Rd, Wellington.

Boaties battle in Victoria

Victoria’s pro-shooting, pro-hunting Country Alliance party has forecast boating as a political battleground in the lead-up to the next state election. It cites the state’s new regulations that including quadrupling of the on-the-spot fine for not wearing a life jacket to around $700 and a similar penalty for boat licence-holders who fail to notify the regulator of a change of address. “The government’s approach is to create more red tape and to hit the boating community with new laws and fines, without any explanation or obvious justification,” CA spokesman Russell Bate said. He pointed out the Country Alliance had a very different approach: “We see boating as an important economic contributor to the state, which is clearly reflected in our policy.”

Russia shoots for 24 Olympic medals

Despite posting its worst ever results in Olympic shooting competition four years ago in Beijing, Russia’s shooting team believes every one of its 24 athletes can win a medal in London this year. “Every shooter in our team can win a medal at the Olympics,” the sporting director of Russia’s Shooting Union, Igor Zolotarev, said. “They all have the talent, experience of victory and enormous desire.” If he is correct, it would make for a remarkable trio of Olympic Games for the nation’s shooters, who won just two silver and two bronze medals in 2008 after having achieved their best ever performance in Athens in 2004, with three golds, four silvers and three bronzes. Still, 24 medals seems a stretch…

Hong Kong shooters locked out

The Hong Kong Rifle Association appears to be copping the rough end of a government stick as it is dragged into court to face huge fines and eviction from the only international-class range in the city. The justice ministry cites a loophole in the tenancy agreement, which requires the association to be a financial member of the HK Shooting Association, the sport’s governing body. The HKRA failed to pay its fees in 2006 during a dispute, but on the occasions it has tried to pay since, the government’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department has refused to accept it. As a result, the government was able to cancel the lease last August.

Poaching update

South Africa is still struggling to cut the toll on rhinoceroses from poaching, with the mid-year total higher than 250 animals, a record level. Elephants, too, are being killed at higher rates than have been seen in more than 10 years. Asian crime syndicates trading in rhino horn and ivory are behind the problem, which is gradually attracting more international policing. Meanwhile, a former Indian government minister says more than half the country’s forestry staff are corrupt and helping poachers kill tigers to meet demand for the traditional medicine market.

A cheaper shotgun, sir?

One of England’s oldest independent gun makers, William Evans, is about to release what it defines as an affordable side-by-side shotgun. The Connaught will cost half as much as the company’s Pall Mall model. Both are sidelock designs, engraved and made by William Evans’ Spanish partner, Grulla-Armas. The price of this “very attractive, cost-effective ownership proposition”? Just shy of $12,000. Oh to be part of the company’s target market!




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