A computer and solenoid system can turn even the worst shot into a sniper accurate shooter.

Super accurate rifle system changes the game

A solenoid trigger system and a complex computer now make even the worst shots sniper accurate in a new firearm developed in the US.

Called the XactSystem precision-guided firearm, the rifle features a fire control system built by TrackingPoint where trigger won’t fire until the target is properly aligned.

The shooter lases the target and the computer then calculates 16 variables including spin drift, barometric pressure, temperature and the Magnus effect before placing a dot on the scope that shows a digital image rather than a traditional glass scope.

According to a report in Army Times, the scope is hard-wired into a semi-electronic trigger. The shooter squeezes that trigger as he aligns the aiming dot with the targeting dot.

“A solenoid keeps the weapon from firing until the aiming dot hits the designated target point. But once they touch … BAM! Shout out,” reads the report.

What this means is incredible accuracy with the system taking out trigger jerk and other human factors that can push a shot off line.

In a test of the rifle, the Army Times reported that it fired at three 18-inch targets over 850, 1050 and 1100 metres.

“Winds were a manageable 3 to 5 mph, but a canyon between the perch and the targets caused significant updraft. We were given three .300 Win Mag rounds. The result? Three rounds, three hits.”

There is a civilian version of the rifle as well retailing around the AUD$28,000 and according to the report has already been taken up by big-game hunters.

The report also quotes Tim Davis, who heads business development at TrackingPoint which developed the system, who said that it’s accurate even in moving vehicles.

“We’ve shot pigs from helicopters moving better than 20 knots and with a lot of up-and-down movement,” Davis said. “The shot itself is not a problem. The biggest challenge is making the tag. The system actually makes the shot easier because, as you are moving, you have more of a chance of getting those two points to align.”

It would be interesting to see if our legislators would allow such technology onto our shores.




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