The rotten eggs of gun control in Australia

The anti-gun movement needs to be held accountable for wasting taxpayers’ time and money, not to mention vilifying every law-abiding firearm owner in Australia, filling the papers and news with slanderous lies and allegations that us law abiding owners are all criminals in waiting.

We are being demonised on a daily basis by media outlets and these extremist groups. What have they done to actually prevent gun related crime in Australia. Absolutely Nothing!

Samantha Lee Gun Control Australia

Samantha Lee yesterday launched Gun Control Australia’s next attach on law abiding firearms owners. GCA claimed that 6000 guns were stolen in Australia over a two-year period.

GCA typically work on eroding your rights as a firearm owner. This time pushing for a toughening on storage requirements for gun owners. They called for anyone who owned a firearm to have to install an alarm system that called a security company when a gun was stolen.

Gun Control Australia in their mission to remove all of Australia’s legally owned firearms shroud their agenda’s with one of public safety.

Professor Michael Kennedy Head of UWS Bachelor of Policing programme provided the quote of the day when interviewed on the ABC’s World Today. “Any self-respecting criminal who wants to be taken seriously… is not going to be walking around with a sawn-off hunting rifle.”

He refuted Ms Lee’s claims about theft fuelling the black market. He said “there is no evidence to support that at all” and pointed out that “there is no basis for them to be suggesting that all of a sudden this industry needs to be regulated so stringently that it becomes counter-productive.”

Samantha Lee has been exposed in the past for lies and misleading public comments. The most recent where she falsely claimed the Adler was a high-capacity, high-powered Semi-Automatic. Previous to that in an attempt to kill junior shooting she claimed the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) states that Australians are not supposed to access a firearm until they turn 18.

Paul Wilson Anti-Gun Academic – Found Guilty of Child Sex offences

The SSAA reported of notorious anti-gun criminologist Paul Wilson, who was often quoted in the media arguing for a ban on civilian firearms ownership. He told News Corp in 1998 that “there are also strong lifesaving arguments for banning guns” and he even co-authored a paper listing ways to combat the rise of the ‘gun lobby’, specifically using the SSAA as an example.

Among his claims, Mr Wilson told the West Australian newspaper that: “Guns played a major role in the incidence of sexually violent crimes against women while pornography had no proven link.” Such outrageous claims are always challenged by the SSAA, especially when the claimant has a clear anti-gun agenda.

His days as a criminologist now appear over. Mr Wilson has been found guilty of four child sex charges against a young girl under the age of 12 dating back to the 1970s, with some details of the case graphic and abhorrent. The judge described Mr Wilson’s actions as “at times brazen” and he will spend six months in gaol at this stage, unless he lodges an appeal.

See the ABC’s coverage of the case for more details but be aware that some details may cause distress.

Samantha Maiden from the Daily Telegraph

This week Sporting Shooter reported Samantha Maidens two cents worth after publishing an article that insists that the Baird government take a strong stance on shotguns.

The article claims to have received official advice that police intend to reclassify the banned version of the Adler shotgun to a highly restricted D licence. “While never previously confirmed, in many respects this is no surprise. This is the position of a majority of states around the table at COAG. The problem is NSW”.

“It is difficult to fathom how NSW, the epicentre of guns, gangs and terrorist wannabes came to be the biggest roadblock to tougher gun classifications. One reasons are the Orange by-election, which saw a grassroots revolt and the Nationals MP turfed out and replaced with an MP from the Shooters Party”.

Samantha states “to ignore the advice of the police on the Adler and law enforcement officials across Australia can only lead to the conclusion the Baird government is prepared to put chasing the votes of gun lovers before public safety”.

Samantha Maiden’s own behaviours are a far greater threat than any Adler shotgun. In 2016 she was found guilty of high range drink driving.




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